The Case of the Missing Bride (Ronin)

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Stardate 238507.01

After the long anticipated wedding of Capt. Idril Mar and LtCmdr Danny Wilde, the crew of the USS Ronin were treated to a party whilst on leave at the Wilde Estate. The newlyweds departed for a brief trip to Whitby, England before officially going on honeymoon, but after their first night the Ronin's crew were called to Whitby to help search for Capt. Mar, who had since disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

The news of the missing captain increased the crews’ resolve to find her, and as the investigation went underway, it was soon established by the crew that LtCmdr Wilde was not acting his usual self and was in various ways actually hindering the investigation. The culprit was in fact Wilde's alternate double from a Parallel Universe encountered on DS17 in the Ithassa Region the previous year, who had switched places with his alternate self and kidnapped the Captain and LtCmdr Wilde.