The (Image) Collective: Member Image Gallery

The following images have been created by members of The Collective for various reasons. Do you have an image you have created and you want to share? This is the place to do so!

The (Image) Collective

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Starbase 118 Promotional Wallpapers

These wallpapers were done by Alleran Tan during November, 2010. They are available free for use under a Creative Commons non-commercial, share-alike licence. What does this mean in simple English? Feel free to download, share, change or remix the wallpapers as you see fit (see for more details). As with everything SB-118 related, however, you can't sell them because Paramount will fall down upon thee from a great height.

The original Adobe Photoshop files can be made available on request, so don't be shy!

General Wallpapers Done by Collective Members

These images were done by my Paul Davies and I play Paul Sharpe. Other members are welcome to put their work in this area!

Forum Signature Banner Templates

Here are several blank forum signature banners created by David Whale that can be used to create your own custom banner like this: