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Here is a possible final result

3D Klingon Symbol (Small).png

And another more detailed result

Klingon Symbol 001.jpg

Reference Keys - Use your keypad. Not the numbers up top.

  • 1 key will give you a (Front On View)
  • 3 key will give you a (Right Side View)
  • 7 key will bring you to (Top View)
  • 5 key will give you an (Orthographic view) of whichever number you select next. E.G - 1,3 or 7.

This is the opening screen. Normally I would delete the (Default) Cube in the middle, but we can use it in this Tutorial.


Now hit the #1 key (For front view)and right click on the box to select it. Then press S (Scale) and then Z (To scale only on the Z axis). Scale it down to just about what you see in the photo below.


It's really up to you how thick you make it. But I am choosing to make it a little on thin side. Now that we have it shrunk down. Hit #7 to go into top view.

From there you will want to hit N, and a new window will open to the right. Then click the button down the bottom that says “Background Image”


This is the image I will be using.

Klingon - tng.jpg

So once you have that picture loaded you may have to hit #5 and the #7 again for it to show up.

If you have any questions just ask.

(To Be Continued)

Tutorial provided by Logan Ethan Kane