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The (Image) Collective

Team Co-Facilitators

Team Deputy Facilitator

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The RULES of uploading images:

  • Name your image well – IE – BlueUniformFemale.jpg, not Body.jpg (or something less descriptive).
  • Don’t just upload anything. Remember, we want a working index of images that will allow other artists to be able to make things. Low quality images aren’t going to help in that aspect. Images you’ve made don’t belong here – they belong in the member galleries and works in progress.
  • ALWAYS categorize your image upload. This is not hard and I will explain. By simply adding this category, you are making the image show up in the gallery where it belongs (with no extra work or coding involved).

CATEGORIES: There are, at present, five image index subcategories that we will be using. As I said before, if there is one you’d like to add, please contact me directly. Of the five categories, you will only be using four (one of them is for Trill spots, which is pretty complete). These four are:

[[Category:Image Backdrops]]
[[Category:Signature Banners]]
[[Category:Uniform Base Images]]


THAT’S IT! By adding this category, you add your image to the gallery (such as this: ) where everyone can use them.