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The (Image) Collective

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Here is a collection of tutorials put together by members of The (Image) Collective.

General Tutorials

Species Tutorials

More Species Tutorials can be found in the Video Tutorial Section below.

Symbols and Icons

Video Tutorials

  • "Put that guy into a uniform" Series
    • Part 1: Layer Masks - [Youtube]
    • Part 2: Add the face to our uniform. To remove background around wispy hair, Channel leveling, clone stamp, resize tool and the puppet warp: [Youtube] & [Youtube]
    • Part 3: Changing the colour of the uniform collar [Youtube]
    • Part 4: Finishing touches (rank pinps, shadows, highlights and making him look like he belongs into the background): [Youtube] & [Youtube]
  • SB Specific
  • Species
  • Tools
  • Misc

Additional Off-Site Tutorials


The Ultimate Gimp Planet Tutorial

For Blender

Rendering your Animation as a GIF