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Thalas th'Koro
Position Scientist
Rank Civilian
Species Andorian
Gender Male
DOB 237306.02
Age 28
Birthplace Agrara, Andoria
Writer ID A239501TT0

Thalas was a scientist aboard the Maquis ship - Skarbek.


  • Full name: Thalas th’Koro
  • Date of birth: 237306.02
  • Age: 22
  • Species: Andorian
  • Gender: Male (Thaan)
  • Hair color: White
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Height: 1.84m


  • Build: Lanky but surprisingly muscular on the arms
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hairstyle: Short and always swept over to the right. Very bad ‘bedhair.’
  • Skin tone: Quite a pale blue for Andorians
  • Birthmarks/Scars:

-A scar (roughly 1-inch long) running across the bridge of the nose

-A small oval shaped birthmark on the left bicep

  • Taste in Clothing (off-duty):

-Usually wears a black woollen trench coat with a plain black T-Shirt underneath.

-Wears maroon jeans with short black boots also

-Often wears aviator sunglasses

  • Voice: A relatively deep and precise pitch to it. He can speak fluent Andorian and often has a slight twang of his native accent.



  • Temperament: He often makes jokes which he finds funny yet nobody else does. When nervous, this trait becomes even more apparent. Whenever he doesn’t like someone, it is made known to the entire universe and he is notorious for being able to hold a grudge against a person.
  • Dislikes: Anyone who annoys him, narcissists, laziness, hypocrites, lack of motivation
  • Carriage: He often walks at a very fast pace. When tired or sad, he arches his back over. Normally, he stands perfectly upright.
  • Mannerisms: When bored or anxious, he messes and fiddles with his hands. He’s always trying to crack any bone on his hand and he occasionally stands with one leg behind the other.
  • Quarters: He is very bad at keeping things tidy and often forgets to get rid of unwanted things. Therefore, there is often half-eaten food scattered around his quarters. Keeps his prized phase weapon on his bedside table to deter any unwanted visitors.
  • Hobbies: Flying small craft and doing various science experiments.
  • Religion: He is vehemently atheist and he believes that religions are the cause of many conflicts.

Personal History

Early Life

The youngest of four, Thalas was born in an ice cave on Andoria and he had a good upbringing: being looked after by other members of Keth Koro (in which he was a part of). After seeing a display from the Andorian Defence Force at a young age, he took a particular liking to the sciences and finding out the intricate details of the universe. Before he was born, his Shen mother was killed in a sudden decompression of a cabin on a freighter. His Thaan father was in love with Ejhythao and he didn’t want anything to do with the family from there on out. He was never saw again. His early years were relatively simple and peaceful apart from the occasional heat wave rising the temperatures to an unusual -10 degrees Celsius. Just after Thalas’ fourth birthday, his father (Shrys ch’Koro) was offered a job at Starfleet’s headquarters in San Francisco. A promotion came with it. The family gladly accepted this offer and on 237806.22 they all moved over to Earth. His immediate impression of the planet wasn’t very good and for the first few months, he stayed in their apartment complex. However, after some very clever teasing, his mother introduced him to some other children in his own situation. This helped him accept his new life on Earth. At around the same time, he picked up the Clarinet and began getting lessons on the instrument after his previous experience with the Flabbjellah. However, the happiness didn’t last for long because on 238511.08, there was an incident where a Type IX shuttle lost all power. This malfunction, led to it crashing into the apartment complex the family lived in. This instantly killed his mother and his sister (Thrallaa). Some may say it fortunate, but it was only the three of them in the apartment at the time. He was dragged out of the flaming wreckage with a broken femur and a cracked clavicle. Furthermore, he had a cut running across his nose. He has kept this in honour for his lost family members. The absence of his mother and the psychological state of his father led Thalas to live a life of crime. He stole and thieved from many places for many years leading him to become well known in the criminal underworld. There he was known simply as ‘Buttons.’ This was simply due to the fact that the tips of his antennae looked like buttons. After a failed robbery, Thalas became a stowaway aboard a freighter on its way to Vulcan. Aboard this freighter, Thalas successfully managed to steal a shuttlecraft and escape from certain captivity. From here, he led a life as a space pirate and brought in a decent stack of money doing this.


After a run-in with the Maquis (with a surprisingly friendly outcome), Thalas realised that this was a cause worth fighting for. This was due to the pressure put on him during his childhood to join Starfleet. He joined the Maquis and was assigned to the Skarbek.

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