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Crew of Deep Space 26


Lt. Commander Thaddeus Walker

This SIM was written and presented on June 13, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238206.13).

((USS Atlantis, Corridors))

::The briefing broke up as everyone went back to their stations. Janine tagged along behind Jennifer as they walked.::

Greene: My office is on deck 2. I have a stack of PADDs we need to work through. Meet me there in 10 minutes.

Wyman: Sure thing...boss.

::She could see Janine got a kick out of that. Jen continued on to sickbay. Stepping through the doors, the new CMO turned to look. His first reaction was to scold the person bothering him, his second reaction, on the other hand, was quite different.::

Walker: Jenny Bottom!

::No one called Jennifer that in years.::

Greene: Oh dear, am I stuck with you again?

::He walked up to her and gave her a hug, squeezing so hard she could hardly breathe.::

Greene: Ow!

Walker: What's wrong with you?

Greene: Ribs.

Walker: Oh right. The away mission. Well, that was your fault anyway - not mine. No one forced you to fight a Klingon grand champion. Mind you, I think I would would have done quite well against him.

Greene: Sure you would.

Walker: Oh, the sarcasm oozing from you mouth really brightens up my day. I taught you well. I'm disappointed, though. Yes, yes I am.

::Jennifer smiled.::

Greene: Because I'm not practicing anymore.

Walker: ::pulling up his nose:: You never practiced to begin with, my girl. You revolutionised the term. I heard rumours and stories of your exploits all the way to Earth.

::Jennifer couldn't remember the last time Walker gave her a compliment. Doing so always made him vulnerable and he would quickly change the subject. Watching him, he did the exact thing.::

Walker: Well, anyway, I have a lot of work to do. So bugger off, would you?

Greene: Alright. Nice to see you again, Thaddy Bear.

::Jennifer burst out laughing at his expression. His wife used to call him that in front of the students. The marriage, second one at best, failed some time later. The term "Thaddy Bear" obviously hit a sensitive nerve. Jen attended several of his lectures and challenged him on many subjects and topics, sometimes even winning. Being far away from home, he became the proverbial "father" figure - even though he patronized, belittled and humiliated her on several occasions. She could handle it though, only if it came from him. "You are such a child" usually meant "I love you".::

::She left sickbay before he attacked her with one of his antiques. In her office, Janine was searching in her desk, looking for an empty PADD.::

Wyman: You aren't quite organized.

Greene: I've been away on a mission, Janine. You'll be surprised how quickly things pile up. Okay, let's start.