Thaddeus Walker/TWalker:Second Sim

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Crew of Deep Space 26


Lt. Commander Thaddeus Walker

This SIM was written and presented on June 9, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238206.09).

((Conference Room 1))

VARAAN: Any questions?

SOUL: Yes sir. Even with the new Peril Team the Atlantis is not a battle ship. So why have we been selected for a mission where we could encounter any number of hostile races?

BOZAR: Listen runt…

VARAAN: Mr. Bozar.

::That remark was enough to quiet the Bolian down, at least temporarily. Varaan returned his gaze to Soul, who had a valid question.::

VARAAN: ATLANTIS was designed for exploration and research. She should also be very capable in diplomatic situations. While we don’t expect to encounter docile, friendly races everywhere we go, Starfleet trains us to look for the positive, not dwell on the negative. Commanding officers are trained to pursue peaceful avenues before resorting to violence.

VARAAN: Our goal here is to explore the galaxy previously hidden to us behind the Jenatris Cloud. What better vessel to have than a ship designed for exploration? Should we encounter a first contact situation we will do what we can to foster peaceful relations. And in the event of a hostile situation, we will defend ourselves to the best of our abilities, but I am not against a speedy retreat. ATLANTIS has some of the fastest warp capabilities in Starfleet. Besides, arriving in a new area of space in a heavily armed battle cruiser hardly expresses a desire to reach out in a gesture of goodwill.

WALKER: If I may?

VARAAN: Go ahead, doctor. By the way, for any of you who have yet to meet him, this is Dr. Walker, our new Chief Medical Officer. Doctor?

WALKER: Thank you. When will I be getting the rest of my staff?

VARAAN: What do you mean?

WALKER: Well, there are only five of us down there. When do the rest arrive?

VARAAN: Doctor, that is your staff. The ship's compliment is only 150 personnel. We hardly need more.

WALKER: Oh, I see. Well, just so you know, if that's the case, I don’t make house calls, and just see what happens if you try to wake me in the middle of the night.

VARAAN: You also have the Emergency Medical Hologram program, should you need assistance.

WALKER: I don’t believe in those things.

VARAAN: Nevertheless, it is a resource at your disposal, should you require it.

WALKER: No. I mean I don't believe they exist. I've never seen one. They're like sprites, you know. ::