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Crew of Deep Space 26


Lt. Commander Thaddeus Walker

This SIM was written and presented on June 5, 2005, (corresponding to the IC stardate 238206.05).

::It was odd. Varaan had never before in his life been a bricklayer, or even seen the occupation in practice, yet here he was building a brick wall. He chanced a look around. There was nothing but himself and the brick wall, a trowel in his right hand, a bucket of mortar before him, and a wheelbarrow full of red clay bricks beside him. A bright whitish light shone on him and the wall, its source apparently non-existent. But the light was there, nonetheless. Varaan felt an urgency within him, so he resumed his work.::

::He had built up 8 rows so far, but only about 20 bricks from end to end. Whatever the reason for this wall, it would not readily separate anything, which was the purpose of most walls. The other reason for the existence of a wall was for support. Varaan thought that this might be the wall's purpose. But again, there was nothing around for the wall to support. Yet Varaan still felt a need to build this wall.::

::He spooned up some mortar with the trowel, poured it onto the top of the short wall, reached into the wheelbarrow and selected a brick, and placed it on top of the mortar. He hammered it down into place with the butt end of the trowel handle, and made sure it was level by "eyeing" it. He continued to do this, one brick at a time, one row at a time, until he had used up all the bricks in the wheelbarrow. The wall came just shy of reaching as high as his shoulders.::

::Then, oddly, one of the bricks in the third row up, about 6th from the left end, began shaking. It managed to shake itself loose enough that it could get free, and under no force other than its own power, apparently, it broke away from the wall and flew off into the darkness. There was now a small hole in Varaan's wall. A quick glance at the wheelbarrow showed a single brick laying where no brick had been laying before. As he still had some mortar left, he picked up the brick and some mortar, and filled in the hole in the wall. He stood back and looked at his wall.::

::Another brick, thinking the first fleeing brick had the right idea, also shook itself loose and flew away in to the darkness. Varaan found another brick in his wheelbarrow, and filled in the gap. Then a third brick shook loose and was replaced. Then a fourth, a fifth, a sixth. Varaan continued until he could not remember how many bricks he had managed to replace. It may have been every brick in the entire wall. And it may have been more than once.::

((Captain's Quarters - deck 3))

::Varaan was surprised to find himself in his quarters when he opened his eyes. He was seated on the cushion he used when meditating, and his candle was lit in front of him on his "coffee table." He was also surprised to realize the entire brick wall incident had been a dream.::

::As a rule, Varaan did not dream. Well, that was not entirely accurate. Everyone's subconscious "dreamt" or they would quickly lose their minds. Vulcans, though able to go without sleep for extended periods, and longer if meditation was done periodically within that time, still slept. And they still dreamt. Varaan was one of those individuals that never remembered his dreams upon waking. So this had been an exception.::

::The other curious exception was that Varaan had not been sleeping. He had been meditating. They were two very different states of consciousness. So how had he ended up having a REM cycle? Perhaps he had been so fatigued that his body gave out and he had fallen asleep during a meditation exercise? Highly improbable. He had not been pushing himself as he usually did. In fact, he had experienced more restfulness lately than he had since he was a child.::

::Was there an outside force or intelligence trying to contact him telepathically? Doubtful. What could their cryptic message mean? More likely, his subconscious was trying to relay to his conscious mind a message. He though back over the past day, to see what might have triggered it. He remembered being in the Admiral's office, discussing the Hazard Team idea. The Admiral had explained the concept, and had opened the floor for discussion.::


KRIEGER: Questions?

SABDOK: Sir, since becoming Security Chief on board the Atlantis, I have been training the security forces in aspects of my Brikar half's training. Would I be authorized to also train the RRT's in these?

KRIEGER: From what I've heard of the Brikar techniques, they're not counterproductive to what we're trying to accomplish here. So I don't see why not, lieutenant.

BOZAR: Actually, that sounds like fun.

::There was only a few more minutes discussion on the topic, before it switched over to crew assignments. Varaan was concerned that nearly one-third of his current crew were being transferred off and replaced with different personnel. Though Varaan understood the nature and purpose of rotating assignments and duty tours, he thought it was unwise this early in the ship's career. It would be very difficult to establish a consistency and maintain efficiency with such numbers of personnel having to get to know a new ship and new routines, and vice versa.::

::Varaan had mentioned specifically Dr. Aren's reassignment, and ATLANTIS' lack of a CMO now. The Admiral agreed that a new department head with some experience would need to be assigned to replace Dr. Aren, and he promised that he would find someone...quickly.::

((back to present))

::Varaan then realized the significance of the brick wall. It represented the ATLANTIS crew, and the stability of the ship. Each "fleeing" brick represented a member of the crew that was leaving, and Varaan was struggling to keep up with replacing them with new bricks/personnel, so that the stability of the wall/crew was not compromised. Varaan's subconscious was "worrying." That was DEFINITELY not a Vulcan trait. Perhaps it was spending so much time away from his own culture and people, and too much time around weaker, emotional individuals.::

::Varaan blew out his candle and clambered up off the floor of his quarters. He walked over to the wall console and checked the ship's chronometer. The 24-hour shore leave would expire in just under 20 minutes. Varaan supposed that he should get to the bridge and make sure all systems were ready for departure. But he'd make a quick stop first. Soul, ATLANTIS' new Chief Engineer, had been overseeing the internal modifications on Deck 4 for the Hazard Team's staging area. Varaan was under the impression that they would not be complete before leaving on their next mission, but very soon after. Which meant that they should be almost complete.::

::Varaan walked out of his quarters into the corridor towards the nearest turbolift. It was only one deck down. He entered the turbolift and requested deck 4, then asked the computer if the new CMO had reported in yet. The computer responded in the affirmative, and informed Varaan that he was currently in sickbay. Varaan thought that was appropriate, and changed his destination to deck 5.::

::Upon entering sickbay he stopped and looked around. He had not been down here during the PERSEPHONE evacuation, but had heard that it had been incredibly busy. It was now empty. Including the doctor. Varaan stepped over to the office area and leaned in.::

Varaan: Doctor?

::The figure that had been sitting in the office chair, turned away from the examination area, and bent over towards the floor, suddenly sat bolt upright and spun the chair to face Varaan. There was an older human male wearing the blue of sciences and medical sitting in the chair. He was balding on top, and sported a graying moustache. The expression on his face was definitely one of anger, and he slammed his hand down on this desktop and he stood up.::

Walker: Excuse me? Just who do you think you are? Barging in here and scaring a person half to death. Did you know you could have given me a heart attack?

::His voice had an accent that told Varaan that he was from the area of Earth known as England. Varaan's enhanced hearing also picked up the hint of a brogue, meaning there could also be some Scottish ancestry in the doctor's past. The anger was also quickly leaving his voice, but he kept talking, and began to nonchalantly stroll out from behind his desk, talking to the room in general now, apparently.::

Walker: Ironic, that would be. The doctor...dying of a heart attack. Something I'm supposed to be able to prevent. 'Course, doctors are people too, aren't they? ::tsk:: Too bad, really. Things would be much simpler if doctors weren't people. We wouldn't have to put up with things like brussel sprouts, letter writing, feeding the animals, cream cheese, the Eiffel Tower,...

::As his list continued to grow and become more random, he moved out into the examination area and began to absently straighten up. Varaan also got the impression that he had forgotten that Varaan was in the room with him.::

Walker: ...American television programs, the colour mauve...

Varaan: Doctor?

::Once again the doctor jumped as if startled and turned on Varaan.::

Walker: Excuse me? Who do you think you are, sneaking up on people like that?

::This time, Varaan did not give him an opportunity to continue his tirade.::

Varaan: I am Commander Varaan, captain of the ATLANTIS.

::The doctor did not seem to be impressed.::

Walker: Of course you are, of course you are. But what I meant was...

::Varaan raised an eyebrow.::

Varaan: Doctor?

Walker:, yes?

Varaan: Common courtesy would dictate that since I have now identified myself to you, you would in turn identify yourself to me.

Walker: Right! Lieutenant Commander Thaddeus Walker, M.D.

::The doctor seemed to take great pride in what he said. A smile beamed from his face.::

Varaan: Pleased to meet you, doctor. ATLANTIS will be departing the starbase within the next 15 minutes. I'll be on the bridge should you need anything.

Walker: And I shall remain here, shall I?

Varaan: That would be...acceptable.

::Varaan left sickbay to the sound of the good doctor speaking, to no one in particular, and made his way to the turbolift where he requested the bridge. Soul would have to wait. Varaan did not know what to make of Dr. Walker. He simply fervently wished that he remained in good health for the duration of the doctor's stay. Logic could not define that man.::