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USS Ballard-A
Captain Teyvion Kesaan

Personal Details
  • Full Name: Teyvion Xaivis Kesaan
  • Callsign: Seraph
  • DoB: 235303.17 (Age: 48)
  • Birthplace: Leran Manev, Trill, Alpha Quadrant
  • Race: Joined Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6’ 1” / 185cm
  • Weight: 231 lbs. / 105kg
  • Eye Colour: Blue/Grey
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Distinguishing Features: Trill Spots
  • Telepathic Rating: T0/E0

Service Details
  • Allegiance: United Federation Of Planets
  • Branch: Starfleet Marine Corps.
  • Years Of Service: 2387 - Present
  • Service No.: QR-192-457
  • Rank: DS9style-mcpt green.png Captain
  • Ship: USS Ballard-A
  • Current Assignment: SFMC CSAR Officer

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Teyvion Kesaan is a Joined Trill serving as a Captain in the Starfleet Marine Corps. (SFMC) and is currently serving as a Combat Search & Rescue (CSAR) officer aboard the USS Ballard-A.

<< Early Life & Education >>

Teyvion Xaivis (pron. zai-viss) was the eldest son of Torian and Elara Xaivis and was born in Leran Manev on Trill. He has a younger brother, Jarad, and a younger sister, Kaliyo. He became Teyvion Kesaan when he was joined with the symbiont in 2382.

<< Pre-Starfleet Career >>

Becoming Kesaan

In early 2382, Teyvion and Vitor were assigned as part of a mass evacuation program after a sudden and large-scale atmospheric ion storm formed off the northern coast of Trill's main continent, threatening several remote settlements in the Deln Mountains. They were assigned to Rescue Shuttle 4291, piloted by a Federation Security pilot named Jaesa Kesaan.

The crew were making their last pass just as the storm landed when a freak discharge struck their shuttle taking the power and flight systems offline and causing the vessel to crash into the mountain range - leaving them stranded as the storm touched down. Jaesa was mortally wounded in the crash and both Teyvion and Vitor knew, despite their own injuries, that they had to save the symbiont she carried; but the equipment for stabilizing the creature had been destroyed in the crash. Vitor, from his own failed attempt to become joined, knew that he was an unsuitable host which left them with only one option - he would have to transplant the symbiont into Kesaan to keep it stable until help arrived.

The storm, however, raged for three days and by the time the rescue teams found the crash site Teyvion had become irreversibly linked with Kesaan. Vitor, together with Jaesa's remains, were evacuated back to their base city of Shator while Teyvion was transported to the Trill Symbiosis Commission facility in his home city of Leran Manev for evaluation. What followed was a six-month period of adjustment as Teyvion adapted to his joining, coming to terms with the new facets of his personality and the knowledge that the symbiont passed to him. Furthermore, due to Jaesa also being based in Shator, the Commission advised that Teyvion not return to the area to avoid additional stress from the mixed memories. Realising that he was now a different person, and having to come to terms with who he was and a completely different perspective on everything he had known, he made plans to leave the planet.

Drifting & Enrollment

Teyvion made his way to Earth; somewhere both Sh'renn and Aric had visited in the past, and ended up in Arlington, Virginia. His medical training allowed him to find work in a hospital operated by the Stafleet Department Of Veteran Affairs, providing care and assistance for those members of Starfleet who require it once they have left active service.

Working with these former service personnel, a large number from the marine corps., Kesaan began to become familiar with Starfleet. He was certainly aware of Starfleet and its ideals but, being surrounded by real life examples of those ideals, something resonated with the new person he was - the thirst for knowledge that fuelled Malavai, the sense of justice that Sh'renn held so close, the camaraderie and teamwork that had surrounded Aric. Teyvion became close to one patient in particular; a sergeant named Malcolm Spector - a long-term patient, badly burned during the terrorist attacks on Halii 2381 - who he often accompanied on walks through the historic public spaces of Rosslyn. It was Malcolm's suggestion that Teyvion may find a place that accommodated both his personal feelings and his skills as an emergency responder in the Starfleet Marine Corps. as part of a search and rescue detachment. Kesaan had some hesitation about serving in a combat unit, given his years saving lives as a paramedic, but also saw that he would be able to bring immediate care and treatment to those in need - just like he had done on Trill, going into danger so that others didn’t have to.

Malcom died in the summer of 2383 following an illness he developed as a result of his injuries and, despite his misgivings, Teyvion filled his application to the SFMC following his friend's funeral. The Symbiosis Commission initially opposed and threatened to block his application on the grounds it endangered the symbiont, but Teyvion countered that several Joined Trill had already served in in combat during the Dominion War and that, as a Federation citizen, he had every right to serve in Starfleet as a marine. While the Commission remained critical of his choice, no official protest was ever entered. Teyvion, at this point aged thirty, was also over the maximum age to enrol at the Academy but was granted a waiver based on his years as a paramedic as well as a reference that Spector had placed on file in case his friend made an application.

<< Starfleet Career >>

Deployment to the Afehirr Sector

In early 2391 Teyvion and his CSAR unit were redeployed to the USS Excalibur-A, operating in the Afehirr Sector and under the command of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, to join the existing marine forces aboard the vessel – ‘The Knights Of Excalibur’.

His first assignment, however, was not a pleasant or successful one – to search for the remains of Fleet Captain Nicholotti and her Eagle-class fighter craft. Nicholotti had piloted it into the epicentre of an expanding spatial anomaly. Nicholotti did this to prevent the destruction of both the USS Excalibur-A and Erscyne Station, a starbase of the Erscyne Trade Alliance. Following an extensive sweep of the area no sign of the Captain or her craft were detected and she was classified as ‘missing presumed dead’.

Teyvion attened a memorial ceremony for Captain Nicholotti where his recently assigned combat search & rescue detachment formed an honour guard - in tribute to her sacrifice and past service as a Starfleet Marine.

<< Personal Notes >>

Quarters: Teyvion occupies quarters on deck four. Generally sparse they contain the usual mundane items such as clothing and minor personal items. Several PADDs sit on the desk with books in a multitude of languages stored on them. Teyvion also has a small set of holosuite programs loaded onto data rods designed by his sister, Kaliyo.

Office: Teyvion has an office within the marine facility. Several pictures of his former unit – the 23rd Emergency Response Battalion – can be seen on the walls together with a standard bearing its insignia. Some shelving behind his desk houses several books on military strategy, law and history. A triangular folded Federation flag sits in a case behind the desk and was given to Teyvion by Malcolm Spector's sister after his funeral.

Teyvion, in contrast to his artistic sister and studious brother, has always enjoyed being physically active and counts rock-climbing, snowboarding, horse-riding and swimming among his hobbies. He is also an extremely accomplished swordsman, having studied and trained in the art since childhood, and owns two custom-made swords – specifically balanced for him.

In addition, and as part of his work, he trains in various forms of martial arts that are incorporated within the Marine Corps. Fighting System (MCFS) and is a skilled close-quarters combatant.

He is a keen cook, which he puts down to Aric’s influence, and can occasionally be found within the mess kitchen preparing fresh meals and trying out new ideas. He often visits local markets and restaurants when on shore leave looking for new foods, ingredients and inspiration.

Kesaan is a polyglot and is fluent in multiple languages, in both written and spoken forms, these include: Trill, Federation Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian, Romulan, and Klingon. These are a combination of both Teyvion’s own knowledge, and that which has been inherited from Malavai.

Teyvion strongly believes in the protocol of the marines, generally referring to people by their rank rather than their name. Mellowed somewhat by the influence of his previous hosts he is generally polite and articulate but has a sterner and curt attitude when in active combat and expects his orders to be obeyed – something that can catch people by surprise the first time around. In addition, Kesaan is fiercely loyal as well as highly protective of those in his command and has a deeply held sense of duty and honour, as well as justice.

Teyvion has several traits commonly associated with Joined Trill including cold-hands, increased sensitivity to certain allergens – such as insect bites/stings – and the some-what peculiar habit of referring to himself in the third person.

<< Family >>

<< Friendships, Relationships & Persons Of Note >>

Vitor Trell
(B. 235111.17 – Current Status Unknown)

Vitor was Teyvion’s friend and colleague at Shator Regional Hospital and was also assigned to Rescue Shuttle 4291 during the ion storm evacuation in 2382. An unjoined Trill, he had already been deemed ‘biologically incompatible’ to be joined by the Trill Symbiosis Commission and, as a result, he was unable to act as an emergency host for the Kesaan symbiont. Vitor performed the transplantation of Kesaan from Jaesa to Teyvion in order to preserve the symbiont and was evacuated back to their home base in Shator while Teyvion was transported to the Commission’s primary care facility in Leran Manev. Teyvion left Trill soon after his recovery and has not seen or heard from Vitor since that day.

Malcolm Spector
(B. 235501.26 - D. 238306.14; Age: 28)

Spector was a Sergeant in the SFMC and was stationed on Halii when a group of terrorists, attempting to separate outlying systems form the Federation, attacked several major cities across the planet. Spector was critically injured in the attacks suffering severe burns across his body and also damage to his lungs. It was during his care at the Rosslyn Memorial Hospital that he met Teyvion, who was working as an onsite emergency responder at the time. Kesaan would often accompany Spector on walks around the historic grounds that surrounded the hospital and Malcolm would talk fondly of his days in service to Starfleet, going as far to suggest that Teyvion may find a place there that would accommodate his new joined personal drives. Sadly, Spector became ill as a complication of his condition and died in the summer of 2383 aged twenty-eight, two years younger than Teyvion at the time.

Emelia Adams
(B. 234806.13)

Emelia is a Sergeant Major in the SFMC and serves as the leading NCO for the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) Team]] aboard the USS Excalibur-A. Teyvion met Emelia when he was assigned as a team leader within the 23rd Emergency Response Battalion as a freshly qualified Combat Rescue Officer and where she was serving as a Gunnery Sergeant at the time. During their tour of service together they became both trusted colleagues and friends, having served in several operations together. In early 2391 Emilia was approaching selection for Sergeant Major where Kesaan appeared at her review panel and, following her successful selection and promotion, she transferred to the USS Excalibur-A with the rest of Kesaan’s detachment. Teyvion genuinely feels that he would not be the officer he was today without Emelia’s influence in the early years of his career and values her counsel greatly.

<< Kesaan Symbiont >>

The Kesaan Symbiont
  • DoB: 213501.13 (Age: 266)
  • Birthplace: Caves Of Mak’ala, Trill, Alpha Quadrant
  • Race: Trill Symbiont
  • Gender: N/A
  • Previous Hosts: Malavai, Sh’renn, Aric, Jaesa
  • Current Host: Teyvion

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Malavai Kesaan c.2238

Malavai Kesaan
(B. 217205.17 - D. 226708.23; Age: 95)
Host Duration: 219109.01 - 226710.21 (76 Years)

Malavai was the first host of the Kesaan symbiont and was a scribe and teacher at the Iriven Monastery in the foothill of the Lerkana Mountains on Trill. His primary task was to collect and translate the various texts, audio-files and holographic recordings that were obtained by the order from their original language into the Trill native tongue. A calm and contemplative man he was highly proficient in multiple languages from his years of study and worked as a teacher in the nearby village when time allowed. Malavai observed a vast amount of information during his time with the order and, while much of that detailed knowledge has been lost, the symbiont retains substantial linguistic knowledge.

Sh'renn Kesaan c.2270

Sh’renn Kesaan
(B. 220102.02 - D. 232711.04; Age: 86)
Host Duration: 226710.21 – 232711.04 (60 Years)

Sh’renn was already a successful advocate in the Justice Ministry on Trill when she became joined with Kesaan as the second host. As time progressed in her career, however, she became more aware that things were not always within her power and that justice was not always being served – whether someone she felt was guilty beyond doubt was freed or she felt an innocent had been wrongly convicted. Feeling there was only one way she could change this situation he applied for, and passed, her examinations to become an Arbiter. In her new position she was pragmatic and did her best to serve justice above all, trying to set personal feelings aside to make the correct judgement – giving her a reputation as being ruthless in her judgements. Sh'renn was the first host to be married and had two children – a daughter called Valena and a son named Soren.

Aric Kesaan c.2357

Aric Kesaan
(B. 230705.09 - D. 237701.31; Age: 69)
Host Duration: 232712.11 - 237701.31 (50 Years)

Aric become the third host of the Kesaan symbiont and was the first one to leave Trill on a long term basis. A lover of food from an early age and a naturally gifted cook he wanted to explore and sample cuisines from different cultures across the quadrant. He travelled to several worlds working in various kitchens and restaurants and eventually settled on Risa, where he felt his particular style of xeno-fusion cuisine would be highly received, and opened his own restaurant ‘Alpha-Q’. He gained a reputation as somewhat of a ‘tortured genius’ being both excellent at cooking but having a violently short temper with both his staff and, on more than one occasion, his customers. He did become more mellow and philosophical in his later years but never lost his passion when it came to food. Aric also married, on three separate occasions - remaining married to his third wife, Irisa, until his death. He often found it difficult to maintain relationships due to his unsocial working life.

Jaesa Kesaan c.2382

Jaesa Kesaan
(B. 235412.05 - D. 238202.14; Age: 27)
Host Duration: 237702.01 - 238202.14 (5 Years)

Jaesa, the fourth host, was a young pilot operating as a contract worker primarily flying atmospheric cargo shuttles on Trill. Due to the abundance and accessibility of transporter technology and other modes of transport, in addition to competition from other contractors, Jaesa began to seek different and more stable employment. She eventually found work with Federation Security (FedSec) as a patrol pilot operating from Shator and covering the Sea of Alibath. In early 2382, she was assigned to a multi-regional evacuation force as a rescue pilot, when an anomalous atmospheric ion storm began to form off the northern coast of the main continent of Trill. It was during this rescue operation that she was fatally injured when her shuttle crashed as a result of an ionic discharge and the Kesaan symbiont was transplanted into to nearest suitable host to save its life.

Teyvion Kesaan
(B. 235303.17 – Present Day; Age: 48)
Host Duration: 238202.14 – Present Day (19 Years)

Teyvion is the current and fifth host of the Kesaan Symbiont and serves as an officer in the SFMC.

<< Education & Service Summary >>

Education History
Institution Dates Accreditation/Position Subject/Area Of Study
Mak’ala Medical Institute 237109.14 - 237508.31 Bachelor Of Science
Pre-Hospital Care & Paramedic Science

Civilian Employment History
Institution Dates Unit Position
Mak’ala Medical Trust 237509.01 - 237611.30 Patient Transport Division Emergency Medical Technician
Aldar Bay Medical Centre 237612.01 - 238003.31 Critical Care Dept. Paramedic
Shator Regional Hospital 238004.01 - 238202.14 Rapid Response Team Advanced Paramedic

Starfleet Career History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-blank green.png SFMC
Officer Candidate
238309.01 – 238708.31 Starfleet Academy
Marine Training College
Marine Officer Trainee
Major: Marine Combat Operations
Dual Major: Communications & Operations
Academy Transcript
DS9style-blank green.png
DS9style-blank green.png
DS9style-blank green.png
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant 238709.01 – 238808.31 SFMC CSAR School Combat Rescue Officer Trainee
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant 238809.01 – 239103.31 USS Ballard-A SFMC CSAR Officer
DS9style-1lt green.png First Lieutenant 239104.01 - 239108.10 USS Excalibur-A SFMC CSAR Officer
DS9style-mcpt green.png Captain 239108.10 - 239109.08 USS Excalibur-A Task Force Commander
DS9style-mcpt green.png Captain 239109.08 - Present USS Ballard-A SFMC CSAR Officer

<< Awards >>

Service Awards & Commendations
Ribbon Award Awarding Officer Date Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Academy Graduate Ribbon Academic Senate, Starfleet Academy 238708.31 Awarded To All Graduates Of Starfleet Academy
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon Lt. Cmdr. Benjamin Livingston* 239105.04 USS Excalibur-A - Strange New Worlds
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon Lt. Cmdr. Benjamin Livingston* 239105.04 USS Excalibur-A - Strange New Worlds

*Acting Commanding Officer USS Excalibur-A, following the death of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti in 2391.

See also List of Awards and Service Ribbons.

<< Mission Logs >>

USS Excalibur-A

Strange New Worlds - 239104.01 - 239105.04
Shore Leave - Erscyne Station
Concequences - 239107.15 - Present

USS Excalibur-A Mission Archive

<< Sims >>

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