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|{{Tile Officer|Roshanara Rahman|Red|Commanding Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Roshanara Rahman|Red|Commanding Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Sky Blake|Red|First Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Sky Blake|Red|First Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Zaaia Leix|Red|Mission/Strat Ops}}
|{{Tile Officer|Antero Flynn|Red|Helm Officer}}
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Ceciri Ariadust|Red|Helm Officer}}-->
|{{Tile Officer|Zhanyt Lafizatar|Blue|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Lia Rouiancet|Gold|Ops Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Ikaia Wong|Blue|Physician Assistant}}
|{{Tile Officer|Wil Ukinix|Gold|Chief Engineer}}
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Callistra Navarro|Blue|Counselor}}-->
|{{Tile Officer|Charlena Vanlith|Gold|Engineer}}
|{{Logotile|USS Veritas}}
|{{Tile Officer|Tahlin Alse|Gold|Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Jansen Orrey|Teal|CMO/Second Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Wil Ukinix|Gold|2O/Chief Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Raissa Moonsong|Teal|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Charlena Vanlith|Gold|Asst. Chief Eng.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Timothy Alentonis|Teal|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Scotty Reade|Gold|Engineer}}
<!--|{{Tile Officer|Nabihah El Sayid|Teal|Science Officer}}-->
|{{Tile Officer|Hannibal Parker|Gold|Operations Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|T'Katt Dugoras|Teal|Ship's Counselor}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kelrod|Gold|Chief of Security}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kelrod|Gold|Chief of Security}}
|{{Tile Officer|G'var|Gold|Asst. Chief of Sec.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Lilith Thorne|Gold|Security Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Chase Masters|Gold|Security Officer}}
<!--|{{Logotile|USS Veritas}}-->

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Commanding Ofc.
Roshanara Rahman
First Officer
Sky Blake
Antero flynn lt.png
Helm Officer
Antero Flynn
Science Officer
Zhanyt Lafizatar
Ikaia Icon.png
Physician Assistant
Ikaia Wong
USS Veritas-logo.png
2O/Chief Engineer
Wil Ukinix
Asst. Chief Eng.
Charlena Vanlith
Scotty Reade
Operations Officer
Hannibal Parker
Marcus Dickens.jpg
Chief of Security
Thorne Cropped.png
Security Officer
Lilith Thorne
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