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|HISTORY PAGE = Veritas Crew History}}
|HISTORY PAGE = Veritas Crew History}}
|{{Tile Officer|Roshanara Rahman|Red|Commanding Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Roshanara Rahman|Red|Commanding Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Evan Delano|Red|First Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Sky Blake|Red|First Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Tahlin Alse|Gold|Operations Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Ikaia Wong|Blue|Physician Assistant}}
|{{Tile Officer|Katy Toliver|Blue|Ship's Counselor}}
|{{Tile Officer|Zhanyt Lafizatar|Blue|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kivik|Blue|Science Officer}}
<!--||{{Logotile|USS Veritas}}-->
|{{Tile Officer|Wil Ukinix|Gold|2O/Chief Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Scotty Reade|Gold|Engineering Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Hannibal Parker|Gold|Operations Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kelrod|Gold|Chief of Security}}
|{{Tile Officer|Kelrod|Gold|Chief of Security}}
<!--|{{Tile Officer|G'var|Gold|Asst. Chief of Sec.}}-->
|{{Tile Officer|Lilith Thorne|Gold|Security Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Andy Monroe|Gold|Security Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Jansen Orrey|Silver|Dipolmatic Corps}}
|{{Tile Officer|Niccolò del Vedova|Teal|Chief Medical Ofc.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Addison MacKenzie|Teal|Assistant CMO}}
|{{Logotile|USS Veritas}}
|{{Tile Officer|Sky Blake|Red|Second Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Tiria Hamasaki|Red|Helm Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Geoffrey Teller|Gold|Chief Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Wil Ukinix|Gold|Asst. Chief Eng.}}
|{{Tile Officer|Charlena Vanlith|Gold|Engineer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Jansen Orrey|Teal|Ship's Counselor}}
|{{Tile Officer|Raissa Moonsong|Teal|Science Officer}}
|{{Tile Officer|Nabihah El Sayid|Teal|Science Officer}}

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Commanding Ofc.
Roshanara Rahman
First Officer
Sky Blake
Ikaia Icon.png
Physician Assistant
Ikaia Wong
Katy Toliver.jpg
Ship's Counselor
Katy Toliver
Science Officer
Zhanyt Lafizatar
Ensign Kivik, USS Veritas.jpg
Science Officer
2O/Chief Engineer
Wil Ukinix
Engineering Officer
Scotty Reade
Operations Officer
Hannibal Parker
Marcus Dickens.jpg
Chief of Security
Thorne Cropped.png
Security Officer
Lilith Thorne
Dipolmatic Corps
Jansen Orrey
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