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Rhyn Symbiont

Trill Emblem.png

This template was written by Varaan.

It's function is to create a LCARS template for Trill Symbionts.

It's parameters are as follows:

  • Name - the name of the symbiont
  • HostFirst - The current Host's First Name
  • HostLast - The current Host's original last name before joining
  • Joining - the date when the Joining took place
  • Joined - the place where the Joining took place
  • OldHost - the number of hosts the symbiont had prior to the current host
  • Color - Used in the color bordering the image
  • Color2 - The general color of the template
  • Color3 - The background color of the text
  • BirthMonth - the month the symbiont was born
  • BirthDay - the day the symbiont was born
  • BirthYear - the year the symbiont was born
  • Extra - any extras you may want to add