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USS Constitution-B

Sinda Essen

STO LtCommander Yellow.jpg

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Mission Security Specialist
  • Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
  • Race: Bajoran/Cardassian

Awards ServiceRibbons HobusHeroism 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Prometheus Incident 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons DepartmentChief.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Orion Syndicate Service Medal.png
Awards ServiceRibbons War of Shadows 2016.png
Awards General 3Year 2011.jpg
Awards General 5Year 2011.jpg

Hobus Heroism Ribbon
Ithassa Region Campaign Medal
Prometheus Ribbon
Explorer's Ribbon
Department Chief Ribbon
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Purple Heart
Good Conduct Ribbon
Orion Syndicate Service Medal
War of Shadows Ribbon
3-year Member
5-year Member

Writing Challenge Winner
Badge 7.png
Writing Challenge Runner Up
Badge 3.png
Writing Challenge Judge
Badge 1.png
Top Sim Judge
Badge 1.png
Excellence in Training
Badge 1.png
Featured Bio Nominee
Badge 1.png
Badge 1.png
Awards Committee
Badge 3.png
FWPA Plotmaster
Badge 1.png
FWPA Facilitator
Badge 1.png
Top Sim Round Winner
Badge 1.png
Chat Trivia Participant
Badge 1.png
20th Annual Awards Attendee
Badge 1.png
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