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Used to create a roster of serials for writers. Documentation as follows:


SerialShipRoster is a template that takes up to '201' entries, and takes a mandatory named parameter of SHIP, and a variable number of entries. These entries should all be of Template:WriterSerial. The goal is to display writer serials for ease of tracking. Contact User: Ceciri if you have an questions. Template based off of Template:Roster by User: Rich


SHIP The ship this roster is for. This is not a link. This can also not be a ship, see example below.


1-201 Template: WriterSerial. Add one per writer serving on board the ship.


|SHIP=Side 7/Londo Bell
Side 7/Londo Bell Serial Manifest
Current PC Writer/Pen Name Player Serial
Amuro Ray Toru W210808AR0
Bright Noah Tomino W210508BN0
Aigle Phos James D238906J10
Char Aznable Shuichi M210411CA0