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Roster-blank.jpg Template:Roster
Face List Upgrade


We've upgraded the Template:Roster code that's used through the fleet so that it can now also include information about the avatars, species, and sexes of characters. This information is displayed on the separate Face List page that Wiki Ops members try to keep updated, but as you can imagine, having a separate Face List roster for each ship was effectively making people take care of two separate rosters. This meant double the work every time there's a change to the roster, whether new officer or departing officer, and so invariably the Face List falls out of date.

Deliera and I have been trying to work on a solution for some time, and we've decided the best solution is to eliminate the need to update a second roster. Now, with the upgraded Template:Roster, the wiki is able to use the original data you put on your ship's roster page and interpret it differently depending on if the data is sent to the Fleet Roster page versus the Face List page.

What does this mean to the casual viewer? Not much. Your ship roster page still looks the same both on the original ship roster and the Fleet Roster. However, when your roster is transcluded onto the Face List page, the wiki changes the background color of the cells to reveal the hidden text where the avatar, species, and sex data is displayed.

The new optional variables are:
  • AVATAR= Avatar's Name
  • SPECIES= Species of Character
  • SEX= Sex of character

For example:

{{Captain|Cassandra|Egan Manno|Red|Commanding Officer|CEganManno.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Danai Gurira|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Female}}

On your ship's roster page and Fleet Roster, it will look like this:

USS Garuda Crew Manifest
Command Division
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
DS9style-cpt red.png


Cassandra Egan Manno
Danai Gurira​

Commanding Officer
Human Female​

On the Face List, it looks like this:

USS Garuda Face List
Command Division
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character/Avatar/Writer ID Duty Post
DS9style-cpt red.png


Cassandra Egan Manno
Danai Gurira​

Commanding Officer
Human Female​

All the Face List parameters are optional and Template:Roster will continue to work without adding them. Ship rosters set up the old way will still work.

However, if you do want to have these variables show up, you must modify your ship roster and update your ship's listing on the Fleet Roster and Face List.

Here's how:

How to upgrade your ship's roster

To use it on your ship roster, you'll need to just add the variables and then do a little minor clean up of the rest of the code.

Mainly, no more pipe characters (that is | <---pipe character) before each officer and {{hr|Division}} and a little change to the top and bottom.

So take


and just put


And at the top, change

|SHIP = USS Garuda


|SHIP = USS Garuda

And at the bottom change




Here's what your ship roster page should look like (this example includes the entire wiki markup for the Garuda Master Crew List page including category, ship sidebar navigation template, etc.):

{{Garuda-nav}}<!--Go to Template:Roster for full instructions on using this template-->{{Roster
|SHIP = USS Garuda
{{Captain|Cassandra|Egan Manno|Red|Commanding Officer|Roster-eganmanno.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Danai Gurira|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Female}}
{{Lt. Commander|Msafiri|Bakari|Red|First Officer|Bakari.jpg|15|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Boris Kodjoe|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Male}}
{{Lt. Commander|Mei'konda||Gold|Chief of Operations|Roster-meikonda.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Star Trek Online|SPECIES=Caitian|SEX=Male}}
{{Lt. Commander|Tristam|Core|Gold|Chief Engineer|Corecrew.jpg|10|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Jimmy McGhie|SPECIES=Rodulan|SEX=Male}}
{{Lieutenant|Evan|Delano|Gold|Chief of Security/Tactical|EvanDelano-LtJG-Gold.jpg|5|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Wentworth Miller|SPECIES=Vulcan/Terran|SEX=Male}}
{{Lieutenant JG|Hanar|Tuk|Gold|Security Officer|Tuk.jpg|10|0|0.5|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Derek McGrath|SPECIES=Bolian|SEX=Male}}
{{Ensign|Ryan|King|Gold|Security Officer|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=n/a|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Male}}
{{hr|Sciences & Medical}}
{{Lieutenant|Alora|DeVeau|Teal|Chief Science Officer|Roster-deveau.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Jennifer Connelly|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Female}}
{{Lt. Commander|Saveron||Teal|Xenobiologist|Roster-saveron.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Cillian Murphy|SPECIES=Vulcan|SEX=Male}}
{{Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Grade|Ian|Dunross|Teal|Archaeologist|Ian_Dunross.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Sean Connery|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Male}}
{{Lieutenant|Chythar|Skyfire|Teal|Chief Medical Officer|Ltjgskyfire.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Alexander Skarsgard|SPECIES=Human|SEX=Male}}
{{Lieutenant|Raissa|Moonsong|Teal|Counselor|Moonsong.png|STYLE=DS9|8|AVATAR=Tonantzin Carmelo|SPECIES=Human/Betazoid|SEX=Female}}
{{Captain|Quinn|Reynolds|Black|Director of Intelligence|Roster-reynolds.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=Amy Acker|SPECIES=Human/Deltan|SEX=Female}}
{{LOA|Lt. Commander|Alleran|Tan|Red|LOA began 239201.27|AlleranTan1.jpg|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=David Adams|SPECIES=Trill|SEX=Male}}
{{LOA|Lieutenant JG|Roslyn McGrady|Mo'Phatz|Teal|LOA began 239202.22|STYLE=DS9|AVATAR=None|SPECIES=Orion|SEX=Female}}
'''Instructions on how to edit this roster are available [[:Template:Roster|here]].'''
[[Category:USS Garuda|*]]

Updating the Fleet Roster page for your ship

Once you get your crew roster page updated, update the Fleet Roster like this:


{{:Garuda Master Crew List}}


{{Roster|SHIP=USS Garuda|{{:Garuda Master Crew List}}}}

Updating the Face List page for your ship

And on Face List, delete the old table for your ship and just add this:

{{Face List|SHIP=USS Garuda|{{:Garuda Master Crew List}}}}

If you have questions, let me know. ♫ Richtalk