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All about Rocar's personal life...

  • Pictures of Rocar: See various pictures of Captain Rocar.
  • Personal Timeline: Learn about events in Rocar's off-duty life over the years.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Learn about Rocar's off-duty passtimes.
  • Family & Friends: Despite his seperation in 2383, family is something that Rocar, like many Ktarians takes very seriously. Over the years he has also aquired a multitude of close friends. Learn about Captain Rocar's Family & Friends.
  • Rocar Drawoh's Clothing: Rocar has worn a variety of clothing in different situations over the years. Find out what he wears on and off-duty.
  • Rocar's Quarters: Find out about Rocar's Living Quarters.
  • Rocar Drawoh's Medical Record: Rocar is well-built and in sound health for his age, though prescribed a diet to curb his Ktarian appetite! Read is full medical profile here.