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{| id="toc" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" align="right"  
{| id="toc" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" align="right"  
! style="background:#FFD700"  align="center" |<font color="#B22222"> '''USS Victory'''
! style="background:DimGray"  align="center" |<font color="White"> '''USS Victory'''
| style="font-size: 90%" |
| style="font-size: 90%" |
''The Changeling impersonating Rais.''
''The Changeling impersonating Rais.''
! style="background:#FFD700"  align="center" |<font color="#B22222"> '''Radi's Changeling'''
! style="background:DimGray"  align="center" |<font color="White"> '''Radi's Changeling'''
| style="font-size: 90%" |
| style="font-size: 90%" |

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USS Victory

The Changeling impersonating Rais.

Radi's Changeling

"I feel like a new man."

-- The Changeling.


·Alleran Tan (USS Independence-A)·
·Radi Rais (Deceased)·


·T'tala (USS Independence-A)·
·Danilo Pitik (On Leave)·
·Mikali sh'Shar (USS Independence-A)·
·Marlee Tan (Deceased)·
·Gan Huang (On Leave)·
·Kharev (On Leave)·
·Alice May (Deceased)·
·Radi Rais (Changeling) (Missing)·

Peripheral Characters

·Jennifer Brockton (Deceased)·
·Mister Cuddleson (Ash MacKenna's Quarters, SB118)·
·Marari (Deceased ... but it didn't stick)·



·Radi Rais·
·The Order of Starfleet Merit and
Achievement Second Class(TOSMA II)·

·Alleran Tan·
·The Sheathed Sword·
·Pilot’s Sextant·