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This template lets you call up any pennant just using the name of the pennant itself.

For Staff: Adding newly created pennants

Make sure the file name of the pennant is in the format

File:NAME OF PENNANT (including the words Pennant at the end).png

Such as File:Excellence in Duty Pennant.png

How to use this template:

{{Pennant|name of pennant|width in pixels (optional; default is 100)}}

So for instance, just type in

{{Pennant|Excellence in Duty}}

and you will get the Excellence in Duty Pennant at a width of 100 pixels:

Excellence in Duty Pennant.png

You can specify a different size by adding the width in pixels after:

{{Pennant|Excellence in Duty|50}}

Excellence in Duty Pennant.png

Link Options

The pennant will automatically link to its corresponding page in the Hall of Honor.

Displaying Pennants on the Ship Page