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The Name (n) + Rank Template

This template is a modification of the basic name template (Template:N. It will now include a person's rank or title as part of the link.

Rather than having to create a link like this: [[Last_Name, First_Name|Rank First_Name Last_Name]], you can now just type this: {{nrank|Rank|First_Name|Last_Name}} and you will get the same link. For instance, let's try


{{#if: Ivanova |Lieutenant Lidia Ivanova |[[Lidia]|Lieutenant Lidia }}

Anything can be a person's rank or title, and it works with those with only a single name as well:


{{#if: |[[{{{3}}}, Solok|Doctor Solok {{{3}}}]] |[[Solok]|Doctor Solok }}

If you have any questions, ask Rich