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This template adds a character listing. The variables are, in order:

  • Rank - The character's rank.
  • Name - The character's name
  • PipStyle - must be included. Use Default if you wish a normal one
  • Ship - please use the Template:USS or Template:USSwhite templates here.
  • Post - Where is the person on the ship? (i.e Tactical, Engineering, Command, - The division not the post.) Do not use Officer at the end. Just the post (If you don't get a working post, please put the division there instead.) For examples of what to say for certain posts, please check Template:PostFormatDisplay. If you want to add more, please contact me at User:Ceciri
  • Active - Put Active if the character is active
  • Character Type - optional. I added it in case you wanted to put it in.