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Creates a link to a ship with its logo and and a scaled side view.

{{Logo and Ship|USS Garuda|Galaxy}}

GarudaLargeLogo.png Galaxy-scale.png
USS GarudaGalaxy class

Class refits

You can also specify class refits. If your refit image does not show up, check to see if it has been added to Template:Classpropername.

{{Logo and Ship|USS Constitution-B|Galaxy refit}}

USS Constitution-logo.png Galaxy refit-scale.png
USS Constitution-BGalaxy class

Additional text

And you can add additional text or links to be displayed by adding a third variable.

{{Logo and Ship|USS Garuda|Galaxy|{{nrank|Captain|Cassandra|Egan Manno}}}}

GarudaLargeLogo.png Galaxy-scale.png
USS GarudaGalaxy classCaptain Cassandra Egan Manno

Optional link

You can change the link of the logo and ship from the default (to the ship's main page) to another page by adding link=

{{Logo and Ship|USS Garuda|Galaxy|link=Garuda Mission History}}
GarudaLargeLogo.png Galaxy-scale.png
USS GarudaGalaxy class