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Similar to Template:LCARS-bar, this template creates an LCARS style bar with large text (automatically put in all caps) but it does three things differently:

  • Puts the text on the left instead of the right (like Template:LCARS-bar-left)
  • Does not create an automatic link (although you can still manually put in a link using [[ and ]])
  • Is treated as a section heading by the wiki, so the label will show up in the table of contents of a page.


This is the introduction of a page.



This is the middle of a page.



This is the end of a page.


Clearing a Section

You can also add a <br clear=all> before the heading so that a thumbnail or sidebar will be displayed completely above it by adding "clear" to the end :

{{LCARS-bar-heading|Name of Heading|COLOR=Color|clear}}




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