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Usage instructions

Crew of the USS Constitution-B


Lt. Commander Seff

This is a simplified version of the main LCARS-Navbar. Note that it mainly means 'removed information'. As this is an experimental template, I'm still debating adding dedicated links for awards and badges. It also compacts some information, as well. The examples given here are the same as in Template:LCARS-Navbar so you can compare display.

Paste the following code into the top of an article and then take out Seff's info and put in your own character's information. Valid colors are Red, Gold, Blue, Teal, Green.

Not all ranks are available in all colors. Use full rank names (except for Lieutenant JG and Lt. Commander, and Lt. Colonel). Pipstyle can be changed from Default to DS9 to Slanted or Alt or RetroSlanted. Other styles may work too, but are not tested.

For date of birth, add a leading zero for single digit months and dates. The sidebar will automatically calculate your character's age as well.

|Image =
|FirstName =
|LastName =
|Ship =
|UserName =
|Rank =
|Style =
|Post =
|Color =
|Species =
|Gender =
|BirthMonth =
|BirthDate =
|BirthYear =
|BirthPlace =


If you have an image for your character, add the file name for it such as EnsignSmith.jpg in the Image feild.

Do NOT put [[ or ]] or File: in the name. The template will automatically resize your image to fit the sidebar.

If you don't have an image for your character, just omit the field and a placeholder will show up instead. You can use the "EXTRA" field if you want to add something else to the bottom of your sidebar such as another image, a badge such as the Featured Bio Contest winner badge or links to subpages such as an academy transcript or a medical record. If you don't want to add anything, just leave it blank as well.

NEW: Alternate Crew Message

Crew of Deep Space 285


Lt. Commander James

Serve on a station? Now you can use the LCARS-Navbar as well! Simply add the Station = Yes and it will display with an alternate crew message!

|FirstName = James
|Ship = Deep Space 285
|Station = Yes
|UserName = JamesTPau
|Rank = Lt. Commander
|Style = RetroSlanted
|Post = Unassigned
|Color = Silver
|Species = [[Terran]] / [[Vulcan]]
|Gender = Male
|BirthMonth = 04
|BirthDate = 30
|BirthYear = 2367
|BirthPlace = [[Shi'Kahr]], [[Vulcan]]
|Image = JamesTPau.jpg
|Extra =