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Creates a TNG-style door label as seen on the Enterprise-D.

Room Numbering System

Explanation of room number and internal coordinate system (TNG Technical Manual)

Room numbers aboard Starfleet starships are comprised of 6 digits divided into two groupings. The first two digits refer to the deck number. The second grouping of four digits specifies the sector (first and second digits) and compartment number (third and fourth digits).

  • In the saucer section, sector numbers go from 01 to 36 and correspond to one of 36 ten-degree sectors that divide the saucer section.
  • In the secondary hull, the sector number always starts with 5 and the second digit corresponds to one of however many sectors for that particular class's secondary hull.
  • A first sector digit of 6 or 7 corresponds to the port or starboard nacelles and pylons respectively.
    • On four-nacelled ships, 6 refers to the upper port nacelle, 7 the upper starboard nacelle, 8 the lower port nacelle, and 9 the lower starboard nacelle.

Room Number Format: DD-SSCC

  • DD: deck number
  • SS: sector number (01-36 in the saucer, 5x in the secondary hull with x referring to the secondary hull sector number, and 6x (port), 7x (starboard) for the warp nacelles and pylons)
  • CC: compartment number


  • Room 04-2105: a room on deck 4, sector 21 of the saucer section in compartment 5 of that sector.
  • Room 08-5203: a room on deck 8, sector 2 of the secondary hull in compartment 3 of that sector.

What This Template Does

This template creates a door "graphic" using wiki code to resemble the TNG style door labels.


{{Door Label|DECK=xx|SECTOR=xx|COMPARTMENT=xx|ROOM=room name|ROOM2=room name continued|LABEL=big room name label|COLOR=HTML colors}}


{{Door Label
|ROOM=Capt. Roshanara Rahman
|ROOM2=Commanding Officer
0401 Capt. Roshanara Rahman
Commanding Officer
{{Door Label
|ROOM=Ens. Charlena Vanlith
|ROOM2=Ens. Nabihah El Sayid
1102 Ens. Charlena Vanlith
Ens. Nabihah El Sayid

All parameters are optional. If no color is specified, the default color will be maroon.

{{Door Label
|LABEL=Main Engineering

Main Engineering
{{Door Label
|ROOM=Officers must wash hands before returning to duty

HEAD Officers must wash hands before returning to duty

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