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The template used for writing in the Denobulan font/script, used primarily by Denobulans. The template is used the following: {{Denobulan|#1|size=#2}}, where #1 is the text to be typed in Denobulan (the letters q, r, w, x, z and c - unless used in ch - are not supported) and #2 is the size in pt - the size defaults to 18pt, which integrates well into English text. Examples:

  • {{Denobulan|pholin}} produces pholin;
  • {{Denobulan|grosnin|size=50}} produces grosnin.

All letters are written as in the romanization, with the exception for a glottal stop. This is written with a dash "-". For example:

  • daav ['dä.ʔɑ̈β̞] is written as da-v (da-v);
  • p'tem [pəʔ'tɪm] is written as p-tem (p-tem);
  • t'uun [təʔ'u.ʔŭn] is written as t-u-n (t-u-n).

For more information about the script, click here. Please reach out to User:Pholin if you have any questions or when the font isn't working for you.