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This is a simple template to create a character roster suitable for use in a User page.

Main Character/s
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
Lieutenant Commander Example USS Constitution-B Tactical Officer Active
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png
Lieutenant Commander Example DSX Command Inactive
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
STO Lieutenant Yellow.jpg
Lieutenant Example Example Operations Officer Active
Lieutenant Example Deep Space 6 Tactical Officer Inactive
Lieutenant JG Example USS Constitution-B Science Officer Active
Ensign Test DS6 Tactical Officer Inactive
Civilian Test Starbase 118 Ops Civilian Inactive
Civilian Examples Starbase 118 Ops Diplomat Inactive

In order to create the above all you have to use is the following code:

{{CharacterHeader|'''Main Character/s'''}}
{{CharacterListing|Lieutenant Commander|Example||Slanted|Constitution|Tactical|Active}}
{{CharacterListing|Lieutenant Commander|Example||DS9|DSX|Command|Inactive}}
{{CharacterListing|Lieutenant|Example|Example|Slanted|Deep Space 6|Tactical|Inactive}}
{{CharacterListing|Lieutenant JG|Example|Example|Slanted|Constitution|Science|Active}}
{{CharacterListing|Civilian|Test||Slanted|Starbase 118|Civilian|Inactive}}
{{CharacterListing|Civilian|Lots of|Examples|Slanted|Starbase 118|Diplomat-White|Inactive}}
Now it does NPC ships!

Have any NPC ships? Want to display them on your page? Now you can simply with the Template:NPCShipHeader Template:NPCShipHeaderNoRound row templates!

NPC Vessels
Icon Vessel Type Status
Antares-icon1.png USS Tell Antares-class Active

If you have any problems please feel free to contact Ceciri (talk)