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Constitution Player Achievements are awarded with icons. They can be displayed wherever the player would like, such as on his/her user page, character’s bio, or forum signature. All icons are made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.

To easily display a Constitution Player Achievement on the wiki, use the CPA template by simply writing: {{CPA|Name of the Achievement}}

For instance,

{{IPA|It takes two}}


It takes two
It takes two

And you can list them in a row or in a table:

|{{CPA|Chit Chat}}
|{{CPA|Fire on Will}}
|{{CPA|Fit for duty}}
Chit Chat
Chit Chat
Fire on Will
Fire on Will
Fit for duty
Fit for duty

Optional SIM link

You can also add the link to the SIM in which you earned that achievement by adding SIM=URL of the sim. For instance:

{{CPA|Chit Chat|SIM=http://sims.starbase118.net/posts/1998560}}

See also: Achievements Rack

Player achievements can also be displayed on your character's sidebar, just like awards, service ribbons, and badges, using Template:Achievements Rack.


For questions about the specific achievements, contact Jess, the CO of the USS Constitution-B.

For questions about the template itself, contact ♫ Rich (Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman)REPLYWiki AdminVeterans Affairs