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Ops-icon.gif New to StarBase 118?
Check out the StarBase 118 Universe Primer for an introduction to what's been happening in the "prime" universe since 2379!

Icons comms.png FNS Headlines
This just in from the Federation News Service.
Utopia Planitia.png Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Access the technical specifications of your favorite starships.
Uniforms.png Duty Posts
Learn more about your chosen position.
Excelsior-icon1.gif Ship Histories
A comprehensive listing of all ships of the SB118 fleet.
Equipment.png Academy Library
Treknology, medicine, society, and more.
Wallace plaque.jpg Fleet Roster
A listing of all current characters in the fleet.
Memory118.png Memory 118
Discover the sights, sounds, and tastes of the 118 universe.
Roster-vistain.jpg Face List
A listing of current avatars used in the fleet.
Factions icon.png Factions
Learn about the great powers of the galaxy.
Luna-icon.gif Timeline
Track the major events of the past decades.
ILI: Intelligent Lifeform Index
Learn more about alien species.
SpaceShot.jpg Campaign Regions
Learn more about plot-building areas.
Sovereign-icon2.gif StarBase 118 Group History
Learn more about the history of the group.
Defiant-icon1.gif Term Glossary
Quick reference for acronyms and terms.
UFOPgrayseal.png Taskforces
Work with a guild or team to help our community.
Awards.png Community Awards
Learn about our yearly awards ceremonies.