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Welcome to the Bridge Bunny sidebar!

To use this template, do the following:

| shipName = TheNameOfYourShip (optional; default=blank)
| color = ColourOfYourChoice (optional; default='Maroon')
| fontcolor = FontColourOfYourChoice (optional; default='White')
| characterName = YourCharacterName Character Name (required) eg: characterName=Alleran Tan
| rank = YourRank (optional; default=blank) eg: rank=Lieutenant Junior Grade
| imageName = NameOfPicture (required) eg: imageName=RickyProfilePic1.jpg
| quote = YourQuoteText (optional) A quote by your character. eg: quote=Bridge Bunny is the best template ever!
| quoteBy = WhoSaidIt (optional; default is your character's name). Who said the quote. eg: quoteBy=Ensign Ricky
| width = AnyNumber (optional; default is 250 pixels). How wide you want your sidebar to be.
| extra = AnythingYouWant (optional; default is nothing). What to append after all other information.

Tip: Good colours for duty posts are 'DarkBlue' for science/medical, 'DarkGreen' for marines, 'Gold' for Operations/Security, 'Maroon' for Command, 'Black' for Intelligence, 'Silver' for civilians.
Tip: You can get the width of your image by clicking on it.