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NPC Roster    ·    Aurora Senior Staff    ·    Crew History
CO: Della Vetri    FO: Marcus Dickens  
HCO: Samantha McKenzie  ;  Helm: Matthew Rathbone  
CEO: Elya Tali  
CST: Hugh Barnes   SO:  Rebecca Gilaars  TO:  Eerie  
  CMO: Jen Malcolm   CCO: Zonhar  MO:  Re'Maru  MO:  Chris O'Hanlon  
CSO: T'Lea   SO: Evanna Blackwood
  MO: Kagran  
On Leave: Nora Quinn   On Leave: Sidney Pierce   On Leave: Ruben Winters
  On Leave: Lincoln Mitchell   On Leave: Allison Riley Stone
  On Leave: Sariel Locke   On Leave: Stephen Carmody
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