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The StarBase 118 Fleet
Thunderlogo.png Embassy of Duronis II
USS Thunder-A
, Akira class
ApolloApprovedLogo.png USS Apollo
NCC-71669, Achilles class
USS Atlantis-logo.png USS Atlantis
NCC-74682, Intrepid class
DarwinLogo.png USS Darwin-A
NCC­-99312-A, Horizon class
Excaliburlogo.png USS Excalibur-A
NCC-41903-A, Vesta class
GarudaLargeLogo.png USS Garuda
NCC-73809, Galaxy class
GeminiLogo.png USS Gemini
NCC-80564, Dakota class
Tigerlogo.png USS Tiger-A
NCC-52199-A, Prometheus class
Vigilantlogo.png USS Vigilant
NCC-75515, Intrepid class
USS-CentrisA-logo.png USS Centris-A
NCC-72912-A, Nova class
Academy Training Vessel

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