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|width="40px" style="border:0px"|
|width="40px" style="border:0px"|
{{LCARS-bar-left|[[Ship Histories|StarBase 118 Fleet]]|220|COLOR=#ddcef2}}
{{LCARS-bar-left|[[Starfleet Vessel Register|StarBase 118 Fleet]]|220|COLOR=#ddcef2}}

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Ops-icon.gif StarBase 118 Ops Intrepid-icon1.gif USS Atlantis Galaxy-icon1.gif USS Constitution-B
Sovereign-icon2.gif USS Gorkon Juneau-icon.gif USS Juneau Vesta-icon1.gif USS Thor
Veritas-icon1.gif USS Veritas Nova-icon1.gif USS Centris-A
Academy Training Vessel
Excelsior-icon1.gif Starfleet Vessel Register
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StarBase 118 Fleet