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INCIDENT STARDATE: 237602.19, 1700 DOCUMENT TYPE: Incident report CLASSIFICATION: Restricted FILING STARDATE: 237602.21

FROM: Commander Gary ROLLAND, First Officer - USS Hunter

At the time of the incident: Ground assignment.

TO: Starfleet Command Base Vulcan relations office


  • Commander Gary ROLLAND, First Officer, USS Hunter
  • Lieutenant Commander Jethro SHAGAN, Ground engineer, San Fransisco shipyard
  • Lieutenant JG Helmond ROSTER, Vulcan relations office, Starfleet Command
  • Lieutenant JG Sliv, Vulcan relations office, Starfleet Command
  • Lieutenant JG Aniam SELLICK, Gates Security Officer, San Fransisco shipyard
  • Ensign Felix LOP, Science Officer, USS Hunter
  • Ambassador T'Rok of Vulcan
  • Telice SHAGAN
  • USS Hunter skeleton crew as listed in annexe 1


This report is intended to Vulcan relations office at Starfleet commande base. The aim of this report is to inform the relevant parties of an incident that may have immediate consequencs on Terran-Vulcan relations.

The incident happened on stardate 237602.19, 1700 hours at the San Fransisco shipyard where the USS Hunter is being readied for its first flight, scheduled in ten days at the date of this report.

This report's access is restricted to Vulcan relations office only and Starfleet command officers with clearance. Informative purpose only, no disciplinary actions required.


San Fransisco shipyard was preparing the USS Hunter's departure. As stated above, ETD is stardate 237603.29. On stardate 237602.19 the skeleton crew was schedulded to verify all bridge stations and liaise with engineering to ensure the engines readiness.

All security posts were occupied and no other incidents nor problem were noted on this stardate. Lieutenant Commander Jethro SHAGAN requested on stardate 237602.02 that he be allowed to bring his daughter Telice SHAGAN on board for her birthday on stardate 237602.19. The request was informal and made directly to myself and the captain, A. FOLE, and was not filed. I personaly granted the request orally on stardate 237602.03.

At the Vulcan relations office's request Ambassador T'ROK was schedulded to visit the USS Hunter in full on stardate 237602.19 ETA 1645 hours, with myself and two officers of Vulcan relations office: Lieutenant JG Helmond ROSTER and Lieutenant JG Sliv.

According to gates security officer Lieutenant JG Aniam SELLICK, Lieutenant Commander Jethro SHAGAN and his daughter Telice SHAGAN entered the shipyard at 1630 hours, and walked through the yard directly to ship's main entrance. They took the turbolift up to the bridge.

At 1645 hours I met with Vulcan ambassador T'ROK and Vulcan relations officers as cited above at the ship's entrance. We went into the ship directly and reached the bridge at 1655 by my estimations.

As soon as we arrived on the bridge I introduced the ambassador and the two Vulcan relations officers to Lieutenant Commander Jethro SHAGAN. It was my intention to discuss the final ship assessment report with Mr. SHAGAN and include the ambassador in this discussion so he could have a better understanding of Starfleet's ship releases as per his request.

The Lieutenant Commander's daughter Telice SHAGAN was sitting in the captain's chair when we arrived.


Telice SHAGAN approached ambassador T'ROK while we were discussing the topic stated above. According to Ensign Felix LOP, Telice SHAGAN stated the ambassador species in a loud manner. The ambassador then introduced himself and T.SHAGAN followed suit.

At this point Lieutenant Commander Jethro SHAGAN realised that his daughter was not on the captain's chair and he interrupted our discussion. Telice SHAGAN then proceeded to say these exact words to the ambassador, as recorded by the ship's computer: "Wow, I don't know what you just said, but you sure have a stick up your ass."

The ambassador appeared to be greatly offended by this statement and walked off the bridge, requesting that I accompany him back outside the ship so he could return to his quarters, without visiting the ship. Lieutenant Commander offered an apology. Ambassador T'ROK rebuffed it and stated that Telice SHAGAN was a poor example of Terran misconduct. Mr SHAGAN strongly reacted to this statement but I ordered him to stand down. I also ordered the Lieutenant Commander to wait for me at the ship's entrance so we could discuss the incident.


After bringing ambassador T'ROK and the two Vulcan relations officers outside the ship I briefly discussed the events with Mr SHAGAN. Telice SHAGAN's motivations remain unclear but it was felt that the girl did not mean to offend the Vulcan ambassador. Lieutenant Commander SHAGAN also informed me that this was the girl's first encounter with a Vulcan.

We then separated.


On the whole the incident was minor according to Terran standards, but based on previous offenses to Vulcan posture and speech and given the species eidetic memory, it appears that this incident might have direct consequences on the relations between the Vulcan relations office on Earth and the Vulcan home world.

It is believed that Vulcans may refuse further visit of Earth facilities based on this incident.


It is recommended that Vulcan office relations balance the Vulcan council opinion on Terran education by presenting it with outstanding examples of students achievement, if possible with Starfleet Academy.


None. In short, Telice SHAGAN according to Mr SHAGAN did not mean to offend the Vulcan ambassador, and it is to be noted that the Lieutenant Commander offered a apology.


The incident will be recorded on the USS Hunter's pre-departure log.