Telemachus Remo

Lieutenant Telemachus Remo is currently retired.

Telemachus Jeremy Remo
Position Retired
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human/Bynar
Gender Male
DOB 234701.09
Age 54
Birthplace Vancouver, Earth


  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Hair: Dirty Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue-Green
  • Build: Toned


Born in Vancouver, Canada, on Earth, Telemachus was a special child. He was the first of a great trend of inter-species procreation between Humans and Bynar. Thanks to his Bynar heritage he had a huge capacity to learn quickly and an affinity with all forms of computer technology. However, unlike a full Bynar he was not physical and mentally bond to another or to a planetary super-computer. At will he could connect himself to any computer system he so desired.

At the young age of 2, his parents decided to move to Wisconsin, so that they may persue they're dream of opening up a Bynar Embassy on Earth. Having moved into an enormous estate, Telemachus was spoiled rotten. But unlike most children, he didn't let his monetary wealth or spoiltness interfere or corrupt him. He became close friends with a young girl who lived next door to him, Cara Evans. He called her CB, an abbreviated form of her mother's nickname for her, Care Bear.

Growing up Telemachus and CB were inseparable. Both sharing a love of medicine, they spent most of their free time studying all they could about it. Together they made plans to attend medical school and eventually open up their own hospital on Bynar.

On Telemachus' 16th Birthday, things changed. His father forced him to return to Vancouver and attend New John Hopkins University. There he studied medicine like he had wanted to, finishing his full studies in four-years. He had specialized in Xenobiology, and was offered a six-month internship at Hadley Rill Hospital.

After his internship on Luna Colony, he spent the remainder of the year at his parent's new home on Bynar. During his stay his grandparents pressured him into joining the Vulcan Science Academy.

Spending six years at the Vulcan Science Academy, he mastered once again the medical field. Although this time, he decided to specialize in Multi-Species Surgery, as well as Field Medicine.

After much deliberation, Telemachus enrolled at Starfleet Medical Academy. He had been recommended to do so my his closest teacher, and current friend, Dr. T'Paul. Instead of having to go through a seven-year program at the Academy, he graduated in three-years. He was fifth in his class, although all his teachers believed he should have been first. The only reason he hadn't been valedictorian is because he had taken all possible medical courses, as well as minors in Engineering and Communications. In addition to that, he also took all available cryptography, hacking and encryption courses available to add to his already formidable computer skills.

His father having died in a transporter malfunction en route to his graduation at the Vulcan Science Academy, he returned home to live with his mother at the Bynar Embassy in Wisconsin.

After only a day at home, he received his assignment orders from Starfleet. He had been asssigned to the USS Independence, a New Orleans-class vessel that was docked at Midway Repair Station. Taking his family's personal shuttlecraft, the Bynarius, Telemachus journeyed to Midway Station; his mother accompanying him for the voyage.

His first mission aboard the Independence consisted of an invasion from parasitic spores and telepathic attacks on many members of the crew, during the investigation of two abandonned vessels (ths USS Hyperion and the BUI Lakeland). With the assignment of the vessel's CMO to an away mission that went wrong, the hands and health of the crew fell into his hands. When all hope was about to be lost, Remo and his medical staff, with the aid of an Iconian Guardian, developed a cure for the spores and saved the crew.

Shortly after leave at Deep Space Nine, Remo was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, for his outstanding work on the cure.

After arriving at the Klingon Museum of Antiquities, Remo and his away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Idril Mar, uncovered a Tal'Shiar plot to hide the relic. Cut off from the USS Independence by their skilled pursuers, they fled to a Klingon bar and used it as distraction. Abducted by the Tal'Shiar, they fled the ship with the other two away teams and managed to retrieve the relic with the help of the USS Kodiak.

Reassigned to Chief Science Officer and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Remo was both grieved and rewarded by the separation of the USS Independence's command crew to the USS Wallace. On subsequent missions, he was shuffled from department to department due to his highly adaptive skills and wide array of knowledge. He went on to fill the roles of Mission Specialist, Chief of Operations and once more as Chief Medical Officer.

His last mission was one of exploration within the long abandoned Ithassa region. Shortly after rendezvousing with the USS Darwin and arriving at Deep Space 7, Remo was recalled to Earth on an extended leave of absence.

Returning to the fleet after spending two years on Earth, he enjoyed the post of Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS-Discovery-B for less than a month before being called away to the Bynar homeworld.

Finally after another ten months away from the fleet, he was assigned to the USS Independence-A under the command of Captain Idril Mar to serve as Medical Officer.

Note: Being part Bynar, Telemachus has the ability to mentally communicate and command computer systems, both using an RF/Subspace link or a hard-line link to the system (such as an ODN network). This is what allows Telemachus to learn at such an accelerated rate, and also what permitted him to finish all of his educational studies before the usual amount of time required to do so (eg. finishing Starfleet Medical Academy in 4 years instead of the standard 7 years).

Service History

  • 236308.25: Attends New Johns Hopkins University
  • 236806.15: Internship at Hadley Rill Hospital
  • 236909.06: Attends Vulcan Science Academy
  • 237606.31: Accepted into Starfleet Medical Academy; Promoted to rank of Cadet
  • 238012.28: Graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy; Promoted to rank of Ensign
  • 238012.29: Assigned to U.S.S. Independence as a Medical Officer
  • 238105.02: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, for outstanding work in the medical field
  • 238110.05: Promoted to the rank of Full Lieutenant, for in-field quick thinking, inventiveness and expertise in medicine
  • 238110.07: Reassigned to posting of Chief Science Officer
  • 238112.13: Reassigned to posting of Chief Medical Officer
  • 238202.04: Reassigned to posting of Mission Specialist; crew of USS Independence temporarily transferred to USS Hammond
  • 238202.13: Assigned the added duties of Chief of Operations.
  • 238203.09: Awarded the Barclay Bead during the 2004 Awards Ceremony
  • 238204.01: Left on Leave of Absence, due to family emergency back on Earth.
  • 238207.01: Returned from Leave of Absence. Reassigned to the USS Independence as Chief Medical Officer.
  • 238302.01: Returned to Bynar on a second Leave of Absence.
  • 238501.03: Returned to duty after almost a two year Leave of Absence. Assigned to the USS Discovery-B as Chief Medical Officer.
  • 238502.01: Left on Leave of Absence to return to Bynar to deal with a diplomatic situation that erupted after his mother's death.
  • 238512.10: Returned to duty after a ten-month Leave of Absence. Assigned to the USS Independence-A as Medical Officer.
Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet Fourth Class 237606.31 Accepted into Starfleet Medical Academy Medical
Cadet First Class 238012.28 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical
Ensign 238012.29 - 238105.02 USS Independence Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG 238105.02 - 238110.05 USS Independence Medical Officer
Lieutenant 238110.05 - 238110.07 USS Independence Medical Officer
Lieutenant 238110.07 - 238112.13 USS Independence Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant 238112.13 - 238202.04 USS Independence Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant 238202.04 - 238202.13 USS Independence Mission Specialist
Lieutenant 238202.13 - 238204.01 USS Independence Chiefs of Operations
Lieutenant 238207.01 - 238302.01 USS Independence Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant 238501.03 - 238502.01 USS Discovery-B Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant 238512.10 - USS Independence-A Medical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

238203.09: Awarded the Barclay Bead during the 2004 Awards Ceremony

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