About 15 km to the north of the capitol city of Cru'ela and just inland about 5 km from the coast and the Cru'ela Power Generation Facility lies the village of Techville on the planet Miri IV. It has a population of about 10,000 with about another 10,000 liveing farther inland within a 25 km radius. No one lives between the community and the power generation facility.


The mayor of this community is Argus De'Vil, a cousin of Chronus De'Vil and the brother of the head technician and administrator of the Cru'ela Power Generation Facility. He is 6'1" and 190 lbs with shoulder length pale blonde hair and intense green eyes. He seldom smiles but seems to be constantly watching everyone around him. He is athletic and seems driven.

Head Tech for the Power Generation Facility

The head technician and administrator of the Cru'ela Power Generation Facility is Erebus De'Vil, a cousin of Chronus De'Vil and the brother of the mayor. He is a quiet man with intelligent green eyes, short pale light blonde hair and pleasant features. He is 5'11" and 185 lbs with a studious nature. He tends to spend most of his time at the facility.


Their representative to the Miri Planetary Council is Raymond Stewart. He is an average looking 36 year old tech who is about 6' and 170 lbs. He wears glasses, has very short sandy hair and wears his work clothes most of the time. He seldom speaks up and tends to follow the majority of his fellow Mirians lead on issues and votes.

Cru'ela Power Generation Facility

Outside the city to the north along the coast, approximately 15 km away lies the main power generation facility for not only the city of Cru'ela but the entire Mirian colony.

It is a mix of three types of power generators. Wind, water and solar.

Wind Power

Their is a large wide barren wind swept plain stretching away from the cliff that plunges down into the ocean at this location. Here approximately 500 meters from the edge are located 500 large wind turbines. These massive structures stand almost 500 feet tall with 4 large blades which are each 50 foot long.

They are spaced about 25 meters apart in rows of 50 stretching north and south. This allows them to take full advantage of the almost constant breeze comeing in off the ocean.

Water Power

At the base of the cliff is a 5 km long concrete structure built against the base of the cliff out into the ocean for a distance of approximately 100 meters. This facility is able to convert the never ending pounding waves into useable energy.

Solar Power

Built into and on the cliff which is about 300 to 400 meters tall along this stretch of the coast are a large number of solar panels, mirrors, solar collectors and other energy collecting devices designed to harvest power from the sun.

Also built into the cliff are a large number of walkways and stairs that allows technicians to reach almost any section of the cliff from the water facility at the base to the top of the cliff above. All these walkways and stairs have railings and safety barriers.