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Located down in "The Dungeon" of Starbase 118, The Tea Room offers the space weary traveler what they long for, female companionship. "The Tea Room" is a beautiful, well decorated, private facility that is known for serving "the best tea" in the Alpha Quadrant. It is owned by a beautiful female Edo , named, Nyra Annilor (29). Commander William Riker of the starship Enterprise once commented that the Edo "make love at the drop of a hat...any hat." The owner of "The Tea Room" is baffled, mystified, by the strange attitude most other races have toward sex. They all seem to want it but they regulate it and repress it in a hundred different ways. She wanted to see more of the galaxy and made it as far as SB118. There she "made a lot of new friends." She was very surprised to receive expensive gifts from some of her male friends. A friend explained things and she soon opened up "The Tea House." It is against Federation law to perform sexual services for money. No on working at "The Tea House" breaks the law. Like many shops, they charge money for serving drinks - in this case - tea. Granted, it is a "very expensive cup of tea" but Annilor explains that the men get to talk and visit with their server for an hour. What transpires (for free) before or after the tea is no one's business. Security has visited "The Tea House" on more than one occasion. They have repeatedly tried to prove that she is breaking the law. Nyra Annilor was horrified at this suggestion, since breaking any law was a death sentence on her homeworld. She is very innocent, and since "The Tea House" has so many friends, they have hired some of the best attorneys on the Starbase to protect Annilor and her and the over 100 "servers" who live in and work at "Tea House."

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