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|BirthPlace = Glasgow, Scotland, Earth
|BirthPlace = Glasgow, Scotland, Earth
|Image =Tasha MacFarlane.png
|Image =Tasha MacFarlane.png
|Extra= {{sChar|First=Tasha|Last=MacFarlane|Sub=AcademyDiploma|Title=Academy Transcript}}
|Extra= *{{sChar|First=Tasha|Last=MacFarlane|Sub=AcademyDiploma|Title=Academy Transcript}}

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“This I'll Defend”

-Clan MacFarlane Motto

Crew of the USS Gorkon

Tasha MacFarlane.png

Ensign Tasha MacFarlane


Full name: Tasha MacFarlane

Race: Terran

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland, Earth

Date of Birth: 236906.01

Age: 24

Gender: Female


Height: 1.77m (5'8")

Hair colour: Brown

Hair length: Longish (hanging down to just below shoulder blades)

Eye colour: Green

Skin tone: Pale

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Voice: Soft voice with strong Scottish accent


Immediate Family:

Father: Robert MacFarlane

Mother: Natalie MacFarlane

Siblings: Nicholas MacFarlane (brother, 17)

Further Family:

Uncle: Julian MacFarlane

Aunt: Emma MacFarlane

Her Father Robert MacFarlane worked as a teacher at a primary school before the Dominion war. After the war he began teaching applied physics at a high school. Her Mother Natalie MacFarlane is a holonovelist. Her Uncle and Aunt, Julian and Emma MacFarlane, both live on mars and work at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards


236906.01: Born

237402.22: age 4. Her father joins starfleet an enlisted engineer to help fight the Dominion.

237410.10: age 5. Her fathers ship is captured by the Dominion and the crew are taken as Prisoners of War.

237512.27: age 6. The Dominion releases prisoners taken in the war and her father returns home.

237705.27: age 7. Burns down half her house trying to take apart the food replicator.

238007.18: age 11. Wins school science and engineering competition with a model of the USS Enterprise-A, complete with working impulse engines and low powered phaser banks.

238711.14: age 18. Leaves school and starts working with her uncle at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as an assistant engineer.

238904.15: age 19 Leaves Utopia Planitia and joins Starfleet academy at her uncles urging.

239311.23: assigned to the USS Gorkon.


Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon