Tarck Ssamal

Gorn Ambassador Tarck Ssamal is the former representative of the Gorn Confederacy to Starfleet in the Ithassa Region.


Ambassador Ssamal was removed from his post as Representative to Starfleet after arranging -- but before beginning -- peace negotiations between the Gorn, the Federation, and the Constellationites aboard Deep Space 17. Ssamal's whereabouts were unkown to his negotiating partner, Rear Admiral Hollis Calley, Commanding Officer, USS Kodiak. Hollis sent Nuin Kataryn Cyrce on a covert mission into Gorn space to find the ambassador, but to no avail.

Ssamal was in fact sent into a kind of unofficial exile for his commitment to peace with the Federation, far from the Ithassa Region, where it was thought that he could do no harm to Gorn dominance of the region. Upon the reassignment of his diplomatic vessel, the GSN Tarangar, Ssamal was given a small shuttle -- the GSN Uptooth -- by way of which to navigate his small region of space.

Last Known Location and Diplomatic Portfolio

Having managed to find his way back toward the Ithassa Region, Ssamal re-engaged Starfleet in the person of Captain Rhys Bejain. Ambassador Ssamal came aboard Deep Space 17, having arrived there in the company of Gorn Captain Slishdakk Ssa'Rukk aboard the USS Triumphant. Ssamal prepared there to engage Federation negotiators in reestablishing the peace between the Federation and the Gorn Confederacy.

Although the Gorn Confederacy has never rescinded Ssamal's diplomatic status or his title of Gorn Special Ambassador, it is unclear how kindly the government of Gornar thinks of Ssamal's continued attempts to subvert Gorn plans for war.

Ssamal's present whereabouts are unknown.


Tarck Ssamal is of a very advanced age for Gorn, although his exact age is unkown. He stands somewhere between six and six-and-one-half feet in height -- much shorter than the average Gorn male -- although he appears even shorter, given that he is shrunken and slumped from age. His head appears unduly large. He wears the diplomatic robes of a Gorn Ambassador; although these robes are faded and somewhat threadbare, they are nevertheless clearly cut of very fine cloth. He was renowned among those Starfleet officers who knew him for his encyclopedic knowledge of Starfleet personnel rosters and histories, but much of this knowledge is outdated now, due to his unofficial exile.


Ambassador Ssamal was created and is SIMmed by Lieutenant Commander Solok.