Tamir Kadosh

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Tamir Kadosh

Tamir Kadosh is a helmsman for Unity Transport's quantum slipstream starliner Charles Lindbergh.

Born on June 2, 2351, in Haifa, Earth, Tamir served as a Starfleet pilot alongside his twin brother Eitan Kadosh, who had joined the Starfleet Marines, during the Dominion War. The two share a healthy rivalry.

After the war ended in 2375, Tamir remained in Starfleet for a few more years before leaving the service to begin a civilian career piloting large passenger transports. In addition to his twin, Tamir has a younger sister, Ayelet Kadosh, and a younger brother, Rafael "Rafi" Kadosh, both of whom live on Earth.

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Tamir is played by Rich, the writer for Roshanara Rahman (and Ayelet Kadosh).