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This page took many small edits to get to the stage you see.

I'm backing up a copy of this page (8/4/05) in case something goes wrong.

If you find a mistake, register and edit it, or contact me and I'll change it. At the time I write this, I've already found 1 incorrect hyperlink which I've corrected (That'd be the one to Commander Devar's profile which I spotted), and I expect there are others.

If you know any details where I've left question marks (such as service dates of past crew members) or know anyone I've missed out, Please treat as I've described for a mistake above.

I may seem a bit possesive about this, but given the time and work involved already (that's non-stop, 12-5 doing research, organising and typing)...



Promotions - July 2382

I've NOT altered to reflect these yet. Changes of rank/position will be edited in either when the ceremony occurs (if pre-LOA), by another crew member (if so wished), or upon my return late in August (post-LOA).

Even the changes of which I am aware have not been added here. This is to ensure that I do not forget to alter the changes of which I am not currently aware when the time comes. - Salak 10:08, 18 Jul 2005 (CDT)

Promotions were added on 21st July. - Salak

Nice to see someone beat me to adding Shelton onto the list... :) - Jay 03:46, 17 Aug 2005 (CDT)