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NOTES from Yahoo Groups sifting:


Kelly assumes official command and relinquishes command of Ranger-A on 20 Feb 2002

Commander James Terra takes over Ranger-A

Crew at hand over (Feb 2002):

Rear Admiral Brian Kelly, Commanding Officer, Terran Male LtCmdr Kell Perim-Mitchell, First Officer, Trill Female LtCmdr Flash Nova, Science Officer and Counselor, Trill Male Lt Theodore Draigon, TAC, Terran Male Ltjg Keeve Los, Chief Engineer, Bajoran Male Ensign Allen Montgomery, SEC, Terran Male Ensign Alex McQueen, CMO, Terran Male (resigned, 14 March 2002) Ensign Matthew Jensen, Assistant CEO, Terran Male Ens T'Preen, Asst Science Officer, Vulcan Female

FA 150s Shuttlecraft Jenson brings Lt. jg. Los on board. Shuttlecraft Rogue brings Commander Falcon on board

Rogue: "Robert looked up at the computer display panel for the results of his engine diagnostic. En route to the Titan, his port warp nacelle had developed some problems. He wasn't sure what is was, but he would find it. It wasn't surprising, as the Rogue had only been operational for the past couple months. Most of her systems were sound; impulse, shields, weapons, etc. Only the warp drive and starboard sensors were giving him trouble. The sensor problem was easy. Being a former science officer himself, Robert found the problem easily and could fix it quickly. No, the warp problems were the more immediate concern.

The diagnostic calmed him. His problems weren't as severe as he'd thought. It seemed as if the port phaser cannon was affecting the warp nacelle. He wasn't sure how yet, but he would find out. He climbed out of the shuttle and walked to her power side, unlatching and removing the phaser cannon access plate. After one look, he sighed. Somehow various connection had been jostled out of place. He'd been a little rushed with this cannon, so it didn't surprise him. He should have gotten back to this a while back. He reached in, getting to work." - 6 March 2002

"Robert brought his sensors on-line, his normally blue eyes developing a gold tinge. He made a scan of the Rogue, checking that he had solved the problem. With a smile, he reached over and grabbed the Rogue's port phaser cannon access plate.

His guess had been right. A feedback loop in the Rogue's power system caused by a misconnected conduit had thrown the power warp nacelle into imbalance. It was luck that it hadn't caused a wormhole when he'd warped to the Titan. Now the the problem was corrected, he could go to the sensor problem. He started around, letting his mind wander as he went. He stopped, realizing what he was doing. oO Letting my mind wander.... So human of me.... Oo He let his mind continue, curious about what he would think of. His thought centered around his conversation with Zee. oO I think I like her more then anyone I've met.... Possibly even more then Jihiu.. Oo He's met Jihiu at Starfleet Academy, and they had become friends. She had been killed in action on board the Freedom, where he'd been serving at the time. oO But where is this coming from? Is this what "I" think? Or is it what my programming is telling me to think? Oo A blip on his sensors saved him from trying to answer that question. Someone was in the shuttlebay with him, apparently admiring the Rogue." - 11th March 2002

"Built her myself, while I was on the Wallace. Still working out the kinks."

Harbringer brings Austin on board: This Harbinger people are probably scratching their heads about, just a quick thing about her. Austin was a civie pilot/escort before the Academy, he was left a nice portion of money by relatives and spent his time designing and then having built this ship. It's runabout sized, well armed and personalized. Hence the conversations he'll have with the ship. It's a nice piece of hardware as the Ens pointed out. Not too too badass. But she's got a few tricks up her sleeve. Austin is a weapons specialist and engineer. A modern day Malcolm... with a little LaForge thrown in. But hey, chick magnet.

1 person Shuttlepod Vizharan brings Ensign Draconis on board

Join Feb 26th 2002: Commander Robert Falcon, Deck Officer, Android Male Ensign Xazax Draconis, HCO, Orion/Satarran

Join 4th April 2002: Ensign Jonathan Fox, Security Officer,

Join April 5th 2002: Ensign Mark Wildman, Chief Medical Officer Ensign Ian Austin, Mission Specialist

Deck 8 Sickbay

Deck 10 Millenium Lounge

Read upto message 364

28 Feb 2002 Mission through Gorn space via starbase at Cestus III (Commodore Bryonson, NPC) to Torga homeworld to aide political refugees.