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Things that can be added to this area...

This area will function as a place to compile the history of all the ships in the fleet. Here's some suggested information you should add to your vessel:

  • How many previous ships in UFOP have there been by this name?
    • Create links to those vessels, so that histories can be compiled on those specific ships.
  • When was the ship comissioned?
  • Any crew that have been a part of the vessel.

Basically, we're trying to create a comprehensive history of the UFOP with this Wiki. So, using this and the UFOP Family Tree we can trace back to the beginning of the group who served with who.

Each ship's page should function as the history for that ship. Don't try and sum up "all the Nemesis'" in one page. Instead, create a "USS Nemesis," "USS Nemesis-A," "USS Defiance," "USS Nemesis-B," and then "NX Nemesis" page. On each page, you can list statistics like who was the captain of each, when it was launched, it's configuration (IC, of course), when it was decomissioned, and so on.