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Modern Tenses


I was playing about with how tenses would work.

I dunno if its post to put these in table format?

Anyway I thought if we had all verbs ending in

-airra -ire -yurro

(the same way french verbs end in -er/ -re / -ir)

Present Tense

Infinitives ending: -airra -ire -yurro

1st Person singular ( I ) -airrat -iut -yurrota

2nd Pers.singular (He/She/It) -airrar -iur -yurre

3rd Person singular (You ) -airryis -yurs -yurris

1st Person Plural (We) -airrakis -itk -yurroks

2nd Person Plural (They) -airrakistas -irrk -yurrokistos

3rd Person Plural(You [polite/group])-airrask -yrsk -yurrosk

Am I making sense?

Does this fit with stuff so far?




Say we have three regular verbs


To Drink is Berairra

To Eat is Cenire

To Sleep is Olyurro


To Drink Berairra

I drink Berairrat

you drink Berairrar

He drinks Berairryis

We drink Berairrakis

You all drink Berairrakistas

They drink Berairrask

To Eat is Cenire

I Ceniut You Ceniur He Cenyurs We Cenitk You all Cenirrk They Cenyrsk

To Sleep is Olyurro

I Olyurrota You Olyurre He Olyurris We Olyurroks You all Olyurrokistos They Olyurrosk

I can make up endings for all the other tenses too if people understand what I'm rambling on about and if it adds up with the Ancient Laudean.

Then anyone who wants to make up a verb just needs to end it in -airra / -ire /-yurro and we would be able to use it in any sentence.

Of course we prob need words for I/ You/ He/ We/ They... now there was some logic in Laudean meaning the same as Human and in ancient Laudean jiu'su'lade was snowman

So... Jiu is presumably Man? I'd suggest Jiu could be he.

      If Sh'tla is blanket and blankets protect/keep warm then maybe Tla for she? 
      Lomale is our third sex so I think Lo should be It.
      ean (end of Laudean) so maybe Ean could be We?


If you check out the Ancient Laudean Lexicon, you'll see that "jiu" is the word for "snow", not "man". su'lade is "male" or "man". This may screw up your following argument. ALSO, I was thinking that there could be three levels of language - Modern Laudean, Old Laudean, and Ancient Laudean. There would be a huge gap between the Ancient and the Old (via "dark ages") and so words and meanings get changed. Modern would be much closer to simply Old Laudean. Thoughts? -Varaan, 20 MAR 2006, 16:16 EST


Well these changes will need to be made to the English to Laudean Dictionary then as I got snow and man mixed up.

I think the Ancient Laudean Lexicon needs to be made clearer on the Ancient Laudean page because I was specifically looking for words and completely missed that link.

Overall, what your talking about is creating three languages instead of one. This is problematic because the three languages would have to be related. It would be more beneficial to have Modern Laudean as that can be used in sim, however, we cannot create all three at once because then they will not show similarities and be unrelated.

It also seems like three times more work than to simply create one language, so personally I'd advocate listing a modern version of the word everytime it is created in the Ancient tongue. -Rocar