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what happens when the tidal forces act up?? have we done something about that yet?? xoet

  • As far as I understand, the "tidal forces" occured when the system's primary star captured the secondary star (even though I don't think this would necessarily happen in RL). Unless this was within the last week, those forces should have continued outward like ripples in a pond. It shouldn't be something that happens routinely in the system. However, if you'd like to incorporate some other anomaly that causes tidal forces (like the sandbar wasn't enough), you could do that.



Look Closely at the Graphic.

The second planet from the star is class O. The only class M planet is further out.

Does Duronis II mean its the second planet from the sun? If so...should the M and the O be swapped accordingly?

Looks round for a spatial physics person::


When we first started to discuss the system and the planet(s), the Embassy was supposed to be on the third planet. Idril did up a spatial map. Then, sometime after that, the Embassy was arbitrarily moved to the second planet in the system. The spatial map needs to be redone, with the class O planet becoming the third.

-Varaan, 9 MAR 2006, 14:16 EST