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How catergorised is our character hatchery?

I have a large number of characters I'd like to offer, however, would like to see them catergorised in ways that restrict their usage.

For example.

I have three catergories of character in mind.

1. For adoption.

eg. Kapalar Drawoh

i.e. Characters /I've created but rarely used that other characters could adopt and make their own. Be the only on to play.

2. Cross Sim NPCs

I.e. Starfleet officers that have appeared in just one or two of my missions. They could be employed by other UFoP players and used in their own sims/ for their own missions. The restriction would be that they have to stick to what was already established in the profile

eg. Montgomery Theodore = [1]

At the end of the mission in which they were used, the player who temporailly adopted them would add key info to the profile. This means everyone would be allowed to add to the character but could not adopt them as full time characters. Instead they would be borrowed as "special guest stars"

Another example of this would be the CO of the USS Braveheart Jan T'Yai which any Captain can use in his missions but which I have used already and thuis we'd ensure some fleetwide continutiy.

3. Bad Guys or Villans

This would work the same way as number two but instead be our arch-rivals and enemies. A biot like Gowon or Q are in DS9 and TNG.

Take for example Or'Lok He has been one of Rocar's rivals in our crew sims. I'd like to use him in future, however, I'd be happy for other vessel to adopt him for a mission... klinda like a collection of fleetwide bad guys (like we used to record on Starbase 118 years and years and years ago.) Again nobody could adopt these villans full time, but we could all foster them and add detail to their profiles.

Is this in keeping with what is planned for the hatchery? What does everyone think?