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This needs to change (we never get it done) :

How about...


  • 1. Each calendar year the EC shall aim to make an address on the State of the Federation. With help from the Fleet's Captains, the EC shall try to convene, debate upon and generate a State of the Federation address which shall be published in the newsletter and also transmitted via e-mail to all installation and vessel commanders for distribution to all officers under their command.
  • 2. When the EC decide to make a State of the Federation address they will ask the CC Magistrate to consult the CC. The CC Magistrate shall ask each Captain to submit a notable achievement from their crew's past year and a statement of what they aim to do in the upcomming year. The CC Magistrate will gather and arrange the Captain's comments and submit them to the EC.
  • 3. The EC will write the address and ensure that it includes comment upon or notice of any matter of importance to the Federation, either internal or external, shall note changes in bylaws, regulations or the CONSTITUTION, the chartering or decommissioning of new vessels and installations, notable disciplinary events and any other matter the EC deems appropriate.

{...this means that if we don't manage to get it done before the end of Jan. we're not actually breaking the CON. It also means the Captains are expressin what theyve achieved and what they aim to achieve -this provides thwe bulk of the address with the EC making a overview comment at the start and end.}