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Separating the information on the Byzatium page (creation of two ILI pages)

This species was expanded upon on the Byzatium page, which began initially as details for the planet, but continued to the point where where two species (the Dorfmen and the Omunic) were created and used within the 118 universe. Somewhere along the line, "Byzallian" became confused with "Byzatium", but all are related to this Byzallian species despite the incorrect labels.

I've separated the information found on the Byzatium planet page and put them in their correct places, creating two ILI pages to be determined (the status the Byzatium page held before the separation of information). Captains Council should review the newly separated information when possible.Deliera 20px Veritastalk 09:18, 8 March 2018 (UTC)