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Sidebar change: corrected Planet of Origin to Leya-I - Luraul is the system not a planet. I also made the same correction throughout where Leya-I should have been referenced instead of Luraul.

Any questions, feel free to ask. :) Rune Jolara (talk) 10:44, 2 July 2016 (CDT)

ILI structure

Hi, Al-Leyan players and editors!

I've just gone through and reshuffled some data around so that the Al-Leyan page is not quite as messy. You'll note that a lot of data has been moved off the main page and onto sub-pages specifically for that topic - you can find these by heading to the Al-Leyan category or the Library template.

The ILI is usually the first place new players come to when creating new characters to join the fleet, so it's important that the pages they browse are clear and structured so that they may find what they're looking for quickly - for the last few months, I've been transitioning pages to the ILI format to give pages a more uniform look and allow players to add new content as they sim their characters. As such, be sure to utilize sub-pages (within reason) if it feels as though you have a lot of information about one particular topic regarding the a species. Sports, languages, and extensive information about a species biology may have their own dedicated pages (such is the case with the Andorians).

Please be sure to cite your sims/sources when adding new information to the ILI page. This can be done using the following;

  • For sims: <ref>[simlink ''simtitle''], character, {{USS|Ship}}, SD simstardate</ref>
  • For others: <ref>[pagelink ''pagetitle''], site name</ref>

Also, please be sure to preview changes to the page before publishing so to catch any smaller mistakes you may have missed when adding new content. This can be done by clicking the "Show preview" button to the right of "Save page". Deliera File:Invicta Player Achievement-Well connected.png Veritastalk 13:29, 17 December 2018 (UTC)