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Taithros, the fourth planet of the Kazleti system, is the homeworld of the Federation-aligned Kazleti.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Stars: 1 (Class G)
    • Stellar Mass: 1.02 solar masses
    • Luminosity: 1.13
    • Age: 5.68 billion years (3.41 left on main sequence)
  • Planets: 11
    • Habitable planets: 1, the 4th planet from the sun
Graphic of the Federal Kazleti solar system


  • Name: Taithros (lit. "Journey's End")
  • Population: ≈ 1.7 billion

Orbital Characteristics

  • Mean orbital distance : ≈150 million kilometres (0.99AU)
  • Orbital period: 357.06 days (527.06 local days)
  • Satellites: 1

Physical Characteristics

  • Classification: M
  • Mean radius: 6493.6 km
  • Surface gravity: 9.99 m/s2 (1.0G)
  • Sidereal rotation period: 16.26 hours
  • Axial tilt: 16°

Atmosphere and Surface Characteristics

  • Surface pressure:: 110 kPa at MSL (1.06 Earth atmospheres)
    • Composition by volume: Nitrogen 79.8%, Oxygen 19.0%, Argon 1.2 %
  • Mean surface temperature: 17.7° C
  • Hydrosphere percentage: 63.6
  • Ice cover percentage: 2.6

The new homeworld of the Federation Kazleti is generally considered a balmy, attractive planet and is a popular tourist destination. Earth-like in its size and characteristics, it is warm with relatively mild seasons and diverse biospheres. The Kazleti have been careful stewards of their new homeworld, building their cities and towns in harmony with the natural landscape, and the orbital shipyards are often visible to the naked eye at night.